Minolta Dimage Z1 - disadvantages? & weird

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Phil, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Phil

    Phil Guest

    I have just seen the Minolta Dimage Z1 - it's weird!

    I know it was well reviewed on www.imaging-resource.com/ but now I
    have seen it in the flesh I am not sure it's for me. There seem to be
    numerous lumps and excrescences which will snag on clothing, camera
    bag and whatnot.

    This is confirmed by a UK review in 'Digital Photography Made Easy'
    and they also criticise the flimsy coverover the USB and card housing.

    No camera is perfect but is this one less perfect than many?

    Phil, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. Phil

    Len Guest

    I handled one for the first time recently and it felt ------- how did it
    feel ---------- just wrong.

    Len, Dec 5, 2003
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  3. Phil

    Alan Browne Guest

    It's a snazzy little camera, but too small for my hands. Even the A1 is
    on the small side for me... BUT: I would buy the Z1 if it had a PC
    sync to proof lighting before shooting slide film. The A1 is too
    expensive for that alone.

    Alan Browne, Dec 5, 2003
  4. Phil

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    Yes, should suit many in here then ;-)
    Not in my experience.
    Yes, it is a bit, but so are many sub £300 cameras. I don't like the
    flappy slidey bit in front of the Olympuses.
    Not for the price IMHO. It seems to have better image quality than the
    more expensive Fuji S5000, and matches the features of cameras £100
    Andy Hewitt, Dec 5, 2003
  5. Phil

    Ante Guest

    In a recent review in a Swedish magazine they said it "could work as an
    walk-on (or extra in English?) as a silver colured space ship in Star-Trek"

    The mag compares Minolta Z1 and Fujifilm s5000 and Fujifilm is the winner
    according to them:
    "Sorry minolta, space ships are beautiful but in this case Fujifilm wins
    ours hearts with black rubber..."
    Ante, Dec 5, 2003
  6. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Thanks for your useful comments, Andy.


    Honda Jazz 1.4 CVT!
    Phil, Dec 6, 2003
  7. Phil

    Andy Hewitt Guest


    I guess only time will tell whether I made a good choice or not, it is a
    new model after all, and although I am usually wary of new models, it's
    impressed me so far. It certainly has it where it matters, in the final
    image quality.
    Andy Hewitt, Dec 6, 2003
  8. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Thanks Alan

    Phil, Dec 7, 2003
  9. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Yes, The review I read said that the S5000 feels right in the hand.

    Phil, Dec 7, 2003
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