Minolta Dynax 3xi 35-70 lens on a DLSR?

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Lordy, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Lordy

    Lordy Guest

    Can I use my old lens (currently on a Dynax 3xi) on a Minolta Digital SLR?
    And will this route save me any money? I want to enter Digital SLR realm as
    "cheaply" as possible.

    Lordy, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. You didn't say which Minolta digital SLR (not all models use the same lens
    type). However, you can very easily verify this type of information on
    Konica/Minolta's web site. Simply make sure the two cameras (the 3xi and the
    digital you're interested in) list the same compatible lenses.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. Lordy

    retoohs Guest

    Well since there is only one Konica-Minolta DSLR (Minolta company
    doesn't exist as a separate entity any longer), the K-M Maxxum/Dynax 7D
    I wouldn't have thought there was any confusion unless you are talking
    about the 2 very old RD models which have not been available for years
    (these were the first DSLR's from any maker many years ago and have the
    same mount as all Minolta AF cameras). And as Minolta only make one AF
    mount you can be sure any of Minoltas AF lenses will work on the 7D.
    Stewart it is mis-information like this that is not helpful at all. I am
    not trying to offend you here but if you aren't sure about your facts
    leave it for someone who knows to answer the question. The 7D is a
    fantastic camera and works really well with the older lenses though they
    are a little slower focusing than the latest lenses. The best thing is
    every lens becomes an image stabilized lens no matter how old it is as
    the technology is in the body, not the lenses and it works just as well
    on the old lenses as the new ones. Another fact is where as the D70 is
    an entry level type camera the 7D is up there with the D100 with its
    target market more for the advanced photographer and copes very well in
    the pro world. It has fantastic build quality and the image technology
    is more advanced than the D70 even though they use a similar sensor.

    retoohs, Mar 12, 2005

  4. In what way is it "misinformation" to suggest one check the manufacturor's
    web site before purchasing? The Maxxum 7D is not the only Minolta digital
    camera with interchangeable lenses ever made, nor are the lenses made for
    each of those cameras compatible with every other model. Further, not all
    lenses support the full feature set (anti-shake, flash capabilities, and so
    on) of every camera. In the absense of any real information on which digital
    camera the person intends to purchase, a check of the manufacturor's web
    site would provide more reliable details than answers based purely on

    And I'm not trying to offend you when pointing out it is entirely foolish
    to make assumptions when facts are not available. Your message assumes he
    intends to purchase a Maxxum 7D, when he said nothing of the sort. My
    message made no such assumptions, instead suggesting a way for the person to
    check the facts for him/herself.

    You don't have to sell me on the Minolta line of cameras. I own both a
    Maxxum 7 and Maxxum 7D.

    That is not true. The FAQ on Konica/Minota's web site describes which
    lenses are not compatible with the anti-shake feature of the 7D, and
    describes the limitations of that with several other lenses.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 13, 2005
  5. Lordy

    retoohs Guest

    Stewart name them. I know there is the AF Macro Zoom 3X-1X/1.7-2.8 but
    this is a specialist lens that owners prefer to manual focus (as they
    should) and all macro work should be done on a tripod which is not
    AS/VR/IS compatible anyway. It is very rare lens and not a lens used for
    general photography. As for other lenses not being compatible, you might
    be getting confused with the Macro focus range limiters on some lenses
    where AS should be turned off when using the macro feature (once again
    most macro shots should be manually focused and on a tripod anyway)but
    all these lenses work fine with AS, not one of them doesn't. You could
    use your argument to say none of the lenses are compatible because AS
    doesn't work when the camera is mounted to a tripod, it doesn't matter
    what make of IS or VR lens you have it should be turned off when using a
    tripod. All the Minolta lenses are AS compatible.
    Now name another Minolta DSLR other than the 7D thats available? There
    is none.

    To quote you:
    lens type)."
    to make assumptions when facts are not available. Your message assumes he
    intends to purchase a Maxxum 7D,

    The guy said he wants a digital to use his lenses from his 3xi, of
    course he is talking about a 7D as there is no other Minolta DSLR and
    Minolta only have one AF mount, they are all interchangeable with all
    the AF bodies except maybe the Maxxum 7000/8000.

    retoohs, Mar 13, 2005
  6. Lordy

    retoohs Guest

    Stewart I just read your post and paid it a little more attention as you
    should have mine and you would have read I mention the obsolete RD
    models. If I'd paid your post its deserved attention I would have seen
    you own a 7D and could have asked you which of your lenses don't work
    with AS? Oh they all do, I didn't need to ask did I. Being a 7D owner
    you should know better than most that there is only one Minolta DSLR
    available. Also not once did I criticize your post for suggesting to
    check the manufacturers site, you are distorting things here as all I
    did was point out that all Minoltas AF lenses are compatible with the
    7D, even the 3X-1X macro is compatible, it just doesn't work with AS
    (not sure about AF). Now if you want to push the point about 10 year old
    obsolete RD-175 and RD-300 cameras possibly being on this guys wish list
    I can tell you these also use the same lenses. Minolta only have one
    sort of AF lens.
    Read the guys original post, all he wanted to know was can he use his
    lenses from his 3xi on a Minolta DSLR to save money. No need to confuse
    him about models that don't exist as there is only one DSLR available
    and no need to talk about lenses that aren't compatible as they all are.
    I didn't assume anything, just read what the guy wrote. All he needed
    was a simple "YES" answer to his question. As you probably know you can
    even get an adapter and use MC/MD lenses (with manual focus only of
    course) on the 7D.

    retoohs, Mar 13, 2005

  7. Look, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you. There are lenses not
    fully compatible with the 7D (you even mentioned the AF Macro Zoom 3X-1X and
    the older Vectis lenses). And there are other lenses with similar issues for
    him to consider (limits with anti-shake, limits with certain flash units,
    and so on). Since we don't know which camera he intends to buy, or which
    lenses he is currently using with his 3xi, it seemed fairly prudent to
    suggest the manufacturor's web site for further research instead of simply
    making assumptions. Now, if you want to consider that "misinformation,"
    that's your problem. I'm not going to waste any more time quibbling about

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 13, 2005

  8. Good grief. Again, I'm not going to go on arguing with you. We don't know
    which camera he intends to buy. We also don't know which lenses he is
    currently using with his 3xi. As such, it seems fairly prudent to suggest to
    him the manufacturor's web site for further research. If you have a problem
    with that, I suggest you deal with it on your own. I'm finished with it.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 13, 2005
  9. Lordy

    retoohs Guest

    Stewart one final time, there is only one Minolta DSLR available, he
    doesn't have a choice. The only DSLR Minolta make is the Maxxum/Dynax
    7D. He tells us he has a 35-70, read the heading. Its all pretty basic
    but you seem to want to complicate it. I've tried to explain it simply
    enough, I'm wondering if English is not your first language and you have
    trouble understanding, I apologize if this is the case. But one last
    time: HIS ORIGINAL POST HEADING: Minolta Dynax 3xi 35-70 lens on a DSLR?
    That is simple enough isn't it, the guy owns a 3xi with a 35-70. He
    wants to know if he buys a Minolta DSLR will the lens work and is it a
    cheap way to get into a DSLR. One last time: Minolta only have one DSLR
    available which is the 7D. If he wants to buy a Minolta DSLR it will be
    the 7D You keep insinuating they have more than one DSLR available but
    obviously you haven't been able to name any others because there isn't
    any. All I can think of is you are confusing what is available with what
    was produced in 1995, the RD-175 which was a whopping 1.75 megapixel or
    the RD-300 which is nearly as old and just as outdated and not available
    either. Discontinued, no longer supported by Minolta. The guy wants to
    get into digital slr as cheaply as possible, he tells us that and here
    is where I'm making an educated presumption that he doesn't want some
    old collectors piece that isn't available, no longer supported by
    Minolta and was discontinued years ago but he wants a DSLR with modern
    technology that will be useful in todays world. You keep telling me I'm
    wrong and Minolta have other DSLR's available as an option so educate me
    and tell me what these models are? Here I'll even include
    Konica-Minoltas web address that lists what is available to make it
    simple for you
    There for all to see is the one and only DSLR available, the 7D. If
    these other DSLR's you keep referring to are the RD-XXX cameras you are
    referring to dinosaurs whose only true value is to a collector today.
    BTW these dinosaurs also are compatible with Minoltas AF lens line. At
    this point I'm going to direct my post back to the original question
    which is a simple question with a simple answer.

    Minolta Dynax 3xi 35-70 lens on a DLSR?

    "Can I use my old lens (currently on a Dynax 3xi) on a Minolta Digital SLR?
    And will this route save me any money? I want to enter Digital SLR realm as
    "cheaply" as possible."

    Answer: Minolta currently only have one DSLR available, the 7D and your
    35-70 is totally compatible with it. If you can wait a bit longer there
    is talk of a cheaper 5D becoming available but until then there is only
    one model of DSLR being manufactured by Minolta. As you only have one
    lens and not a great deal invested in Minolta glass you could look at
    other makes but there is no real cheap option with any of the DSLR's.

    Stewart I don't like arguing with people in a forum like this but these
    are simple facts that you for some reason won't accept or offer any
    factual reasoning to back up your arguing. All you have to do is tell me
    what other DSLR's Minolta have available and if I'm wrong I'll happily
    apologize but just to keep telling me I'm wrong without being able to
    name a single other Minolta DSLR other than the 7D that is available
    becomes a little boring after awhile as well as depriving the original
    poster of the simple facts.

    retoohs, Mar 13, 2005
  10. Lordy

    BillB Guest

    Don't worry about it. That's his M.O. and neither you nor anyone
    else have any hope of changing it. If you go back and check
    newsgroup messages for the last couple of months here it'll be quite
    clear that reason and logic won't get you anywhere with dear old
    Dwight. He specializes in taking words out of context and twisting
    them in order to avoid having to deal with points he can't defend,
    represented here by his trying to make it appear that you think his
    suggestion to check the manufacturer's website is misinformation.

    Also, if you do check his old messages, you'll see that he often
    peevishly says that he's finished with a dispute, yet hardly ever
    keeps his word. This is probably done in an attempt to have the
    last word. You can this in his replies to you in this thread too:
    (and then he does exactly that)
    (and again, he continues to argue) &
    Lastly, in other threads when the dispute was over film versus
    digital cameras, he has made the specious claim (aka lie) that those
    disagreeing with him hate film. You're more fortunate in that he
    won't be able to make the case that you hate Minolta. :)
    BillB, Mar 13, 2005
  11. Lordy

    retoohs Guest

    Cheers Bill. I feel for the poor guy that initially asked a simple
    question then had to read all this dribble.

    Best Wishes
    retoohs, Mar 14, 2005
  12. Lordy

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Alan, meet Dwight. Now you know what you're in for when you "discuss"
    things with him. ;)
    Mike Kohary, Mar 14, 2005

  13. Alan, unless the entire collection of used RD cameras have somehow
    magically disappeared from this planet, he does have a choice. Again, we
    don't know which camera he intends to purchase. It probably is the 7D. But I
    learned a long time ago not to make such assumptions in these newsgroups.

    What arguing, Alan? I didn't offer any argument in my first message.
    Instead, I pointed out that he left off a critical piece of information (the
    camera he intended to buy) and simply suggested he visit the manufacturer's
    web site. You, for reasons of your own, took offense to that and started
    accusing me of spreading misinformation and other such nonsense. In what
    possible way would this individual be harmed by checking the manufacturer's
    web site as I suggested?

    You've already answered your own question, Alan. And we've both already
    discussed that. As such, there is nothing more to add.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 14, 2005

  14. Bull. The original poster asked about using his existing lens on a Minolta
    digital camera, without specifying which camera. I pointed out that missing
    information and suggested he check the manufacturer's web site.

    Alan decided to jump in at that point and take offense to a few words
    added as an afterthought to the first sentence ("not all models use the same
    lens type"). He based that objection on the claim there is only one Minolta
    digital SLR camera available. Yet, in that very same message, he talked
    about another line of Minolta digital SLR cameras with interchangable

    Those cameras, still available new and used, are based on the Vectis lens
    mount, which is not compatible with the Maxxum/Dynax lens mentioned. As
    such, my original claim that "not all models use the same lens type" is
    entirely factual.

    Further, as anyone who has used a camera more than a week knows, there are
    issues beyond just whether a lens will physically fit onto the camera. Not
    all lenses are fully compatible with all features of a particular camera or
    accessories. This is all the more reason for the person to check the
    manufacturer's web site.

    I provided sound, accurate, advice, yet Alan declared it "misinformation"

    The only one lying is yourself, Bill. I have never said someone hates film
    simply because they disagreed with me.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 14, 2005

  15. Gee, why am I not at all surprised that both you and Bill would agree with
    Alan. I suppose both of you are now going to jump in and insist my claim
    (that "not all models use the same lens type") is wrong also. If not that,
    the only other thing one could possibly disagree with is my recommendation
    to visit the manufacturer's web site. Which one, Mike, do you agree with
    Alan lacks facts or factual reasoning?

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 14, 2005
  16. Lordy

    BillB Guest

    Yep, once again you didn't let us down. Saying that you're
    finished is the strongest confirmation that you aren't. :)

    You do say that people hate film or have an anti-film bias when
    the only apparent reason is that they disagree with you. Even you
    wouldn't be so stupid as to admit that that was the reason. I could
    have stated it a little more clearly as:

    If you disagree with this statement, just say the word and I'll
    provide several of your quotes (with Message IDs) clearly
    demonstrating this attitude.
    BillB, Mar 14, 2005
  17. Lordy

    Mike Kohary Guest

    It's not a matter of agreement - he's simply right. I'm just not
    surprised you're being nonsensical again. It's all you seem to be.

    If I told you that 2+2=4, and you were in a bad mood that day, I'm
    sure you'd find a way to disagree with it.
    Mike Kohary, Mar 14, 2005

  18. Yes, Bill, I don't like to argue. That is extremely rare in my real life
    outside these newsgroups. Of course, I rarely run into people outside these
    newsgroups who are so vocally biased and opinionated. Regardless, because I
    don't like to argue, I will always attempt to end that, offering, wherever
    possible, the other person and myself a way out. However, I will go on to
    defend myself if the other person flat refuses to end it. Of course, since
    you seem to relish arguments, seem to bask in their continuation, and
    therefore rarely offer to stop, I sure my attempts to end participation in
    such arguments do confuse you.

    No, I said you had an anti-film bias. And that was based on what you said,
    not on any disagreement with me. And, even then, it was only said after
    repeated claims in that discussion that I had an anti-digital bias. You
    know, what is good for the goose...

    Oh, no. You're not getting out of it that easily, Bill. You specifically
    said I made a "claim (aka lie)" that those disagreeing with me hate film. I
    want to see that specific claim, not some bogus, twisted, interpretation by
    you of my attitude. I don't really care what you think about my attitude.
    However, I do care when you spread false information about the things I've
    actually said.

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 15, 2005

  19. So you still think Alan is right that there is only one Minolta lens
    mount, even after I've clearly shown there are two Minolta digital SLR
    cameras currently being sold with different lens mounts - the Vectis line
    and the Maxxum. Perhaps that alone goes a long way towards explaining why we
    will never agree on the film versus digital debate.

    BS. Your smug, pot calling the kettle black, attitude is really starting
    to wear thin. I didn't seek you and Bill out to argue with in this thread.
    You two came to this thread posting comments directly about me, not the
    issue being discussed, knowing full well that would elicit a response from
    me. I simply defended myself, as I will continue to do wherever necessary.

    I also didn't start the argument with Alan. I posted a polite, sensible,
    reply to a question posted by another person. Alan jumped in at that point
    with accusations towards me. Again, I simply defended myself. If Alan had
    posted a 2+2=4 comment, there would have been no argument. That was not the

    Dwight Stewart, Mar 15, 2005
  20. Lordy

    BillB Guest

    I have no objections to disagreeing with you when your statements
    are obviously wrong. Without actually reading the messages, I
    looked at threads where we've replied to each other, and in some,
    you had the last word, and in others, I did. No significant
    difference in the amounts. What pretty foolish is to say that
    you're going to end the discussion. Just do it, don't whine.
    What's even more foolish is to continue after saying you wouldn't.

    It's obvious that you don't care what people think of your
    attitude. It's true that you didn't use the words "hate film", at
    least in my saved messages. But that's the clear implication of
    your "anti-film bias" accusations, which indeed blatant lies, and
    that's something you won't get out of at all, easily or not,
    although I'm sure you'll try.

    Despite being made aware that I own, purchase, and continue to
    seek out film based photographic equipment, help others with film
    oriented questions without gratuitiously adding anti-film comments
    (the opposite is a frequent fact of life in this ng), you continue
    to falsely accuse me (and others) of having an anti-film bias. Film
    and digital technology both have their own strengths and weaknesses,
    and they change over time. Being aware of the differences and
    stating them accurately does not make one biased against either.
    Misrepresentations are another story, and yours clearly indicate a
    pro-film, anti-digital bias, and owning digital cameras in no way
    clears you of your bias. One misrepresentation many will recall,
    which you've never been honest enough to admit was a mistake (and
    therefore goes to the 'lie' side of the ledger) is your claim that
    professional photographers can get, for only $5, their film scanned
    at high resolution and sent back to them on a CD. I'm sure we don't
    have to rehash all of that, but that depends on whether you really
    have ended it, or want to repeat some of the same old spin.

    And here are just a few of your "biased" statements which go
    beyond mere opinion. Unbiased observers should have little
    difficulty seeing them as, uh, lies:
    Message-ID: <sNdZd.3554$>

    A two-fer:
    Message-ID: <MEBRd.4001$>
    BillB, Mar 15, 2005
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