Minolta Maxxum 7D and generic lithium batteries

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Mark Cutler, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Mark Cutler

    Mark Cutler Guest

    I just bought a Konica Minolta 7D and wanted to get some spare
    batteries (NP-400). I see plenty of generic lithium batteries at about
    1/3 the price of the Konica Minolta version. From what I have read in
    general, I gather that some generic lithium batteries can be as good as
    the manufacturer-supplied version, but some cheaply made ones can be
    weaker or even downright dangerous. Has anybody had experience with any
    particular generics? Any recommendation as to what to get or what to

    Also, I have seen some of the Minolta NP-400 batteries labeled as being
    for the Dimage A1 and A2, and others as advertised for the A1, A2, 7D,
    and 5D. For example, Amazon lists both, but the A1-A2 version is $5
    less. I assume these are exactly the same batteries, and that some that
    were made before the 7D and 5D came out just don't refer to them. Is
    that correct?

    Mark Cutler
    Mark Cutler, Sep 18, 2005
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  2. Mark Cutler

    Alan Browne Guest

    Me too. However I've found one battery, no spare has worked fine. (I
    don't use the built in flash or AF, so that helps, but the battery does
    last quite a while ... eg: many hundreds of shots.
    Buy from a reliable source like B&H if you go off brand.
    Yep, as long as it is the NP-400.
    Alan Browne, Sep 18, 2005
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  3. Mark Cutler

    Jasen Guest

    When you get a good feel for the 7D can you do a review on it here? I am
    looking to buy one but not sure whether to wait or just bite the bullet and
    get one now. Did you wonder whether you could get more megapixels by
    waiting until next year?
    I think you should be able to get good cheaper generic batteries as a few
    other brands of camera manufacturer use the same battery type and I'd doubt
    if there was no market for them.
    Jasen, Sep 19, 2005
  4. Mark Cutler

    Jer Guest

    After spending a chunk on a 7D, which came with one battery, a second
    brand battery was a no-brainer. Don't think I'll ever need more.
    Jer, Sep 19, 2005
  5. Mark Cutler

    piperut Guest

    I don't have a Minolta.
    I have the Canon Digital Rebel.

    EverReady makes a battery for the Digital Rebel. It seems to last
    longer then the Canon Batteries.

    piperut, Sep 19, 2005
  6. Mark Cutler

    Alan Browne Guest


    I suspect that K-M will come out with a less cropped, 10 to 12 Mpix DSLR
    in the next year or so. Minolta have been quiet about developments

    Alan Browne, Sep 25, 2005
  7. Mark Cutler

    Jasen Guest

    Read your review, very interesting reading. You sound like a seasoned
    professional, but do you think this camera would be fine for someone who
    considers themselves as a serious amateur (come apiring semi-professional
    starting out on a modest budget) who wants to concentrate on wildlife,
    nature/macro and travel photography with some people shots thrown in?
    Jasen, Sep 26, 2005
  8. Mark Cutler

    Alan Browne Guest

    Thanks for your comments, but I'm not a professional, I just like
    photography and do a lot of it.

    The Maxxum 7D follows the "high end" principles of Minolta's film
    cameras since the mid 90's: Put the controls out where they're of use
    to the photographer (not in menus). Because of this, these cameras are
    well suited to pros and to serious amateurs. They can be run from full
    manual to full P&S (and everywhere in between) as you may require

    Alan Browne, Sep 26, 2005
  9. Mark Cutler

    Jasen Guest

    No worries Alan.
    What about image quality and image size? A pro photographer buddy of mine
    in the UK recommended the EOS 20D but I can't buy into that without parting
    with my Minolta lenses and big bucks to replace them. I just don't know
    whether if it is worth me waiting 12 months or more until I can get an
    affordable 10mp minolta. My think is is that I just go the 7D now while
    it's cheap and if I am successful I can buy bigger and better later or if
    that doesn't happen then I am comfortable in the knowledge that I have a
    damn decent camera for amateur use.
    what are your thoughts?
    Jasen, Sep 27, 2005
  10. Mark Cutler

    Mark Cutler Guest

    That's the right plan.I bought a 7D in the last two weeks and love
    being able to use all my Minolta lenses and 5400 xi flash with it. You
    can do an awful lot with 6 mp. If you sit around waiting for 10, by the
    time it comes out you will think you need 15. It is just like computers
    - there will always be something better and cheaper next year, but if
    you keep waiting you will never have one. The 7D has a $200 rebate
    going through the end of the year (at least in the US) and that makes
    it a very attractive buy.

    Mark Cutler
    Mark Cutler, Sep 27, 2005
  11. Mark Cutler

    Jasen Guest

    Jasen, Sep 28, 2005
  12. Mark Cutler

    Lionel Guest

    And suffers the same fate of having a significantly smaller selection of
    available lenses compared to Canon and Nikon systems, as well as the same
    proprietary flash mount which limits the selection of 3rd party external
    flash units.
    Lionel, Sep 29, 2005
  13. In (Konica) Minolta's defence, all the best third party flash vendors
    support the proprietary mount, including Sigma, Metz and Sunpak, so what's
    the problem?


    Digital Photography Now
    Visit our discussion forum at http://dpnow.com/Forums.html
    Digital Photography Now, Sep 29, 2005
  14. Mark Cutler

    Alan Browne Guest

    The large proportion of people who spout that line do not have any high
    end investment in the Canon/Nikon glass that they are defending, and
    very, very few can match my Minolta set for performance or value.

    It's been and remains a non-starter.

    The Minolta wireless flash system came out ahead of Nikon's (not sure
    about Canon). It works fine, thanks. Sigma and others offer compatible
    flashes in any case. Current Canon and Nikon flashes have so many
    proprietary hooks that the claim to a "standard" is little more than hot

    Alan Browne, Sep 30, 2005
  15. Mark Cutler

    Alan Browne Guest

    For all prints up to 10x15, the camera is fine. With more advanced
    image processing, that could be pushed somewhat. I would bet at 24x16
    it would be reasnable (125 dpi print) if not viewed too closely.

    Yes, recomending the 20D is indeed popular. It's a sure bet to please
    anyone and a lot of real pros (as opposed to pretenders) use the 20D all
    day long. I played with one briefly in Florida earlier this month and
    enjoyed it. (haven't received the photos come to think of it).

    There is no guarantee what Minolta will or won't do. They are deeply in
    3rd or 4th place in DSLR's. A pro I know just told me that he's buying
    a second 7D as a backup to replace his backup zlr.

    You could opt for a less expensive Maxxum 5D in the meantime. Same
    sensor as the 7D, so image result should be the same. Ergonomically
    crippled, alas, but functionally every bit as good. If the 10/12 Mpix
    Minolta does not show then you could seguee to Canon or the others...

    Alan Browne, Sep 30, 2005
  16. Mark Cutler

    Nostrobino Guest

    Ha ha. I already have more Maxxum lenses (mostly Minolta, some other brands
    too) than I am likely ever to need, and have really got to start selling
    some off. Everything from a fisheye to as long a tele lens as I'll ever
    want, now made effectively 1.5x longer by the dSLR's multiplier.

    Between Minolta's and the many proprietary lens offerings, it is hard to
    imagine that causing much "suffering" amongst Minoltaphiles. And there are
    surely a lot of us out here.

    It surely doesn't limit it *much*, as most if not all the major flash
    manufacturers produce flash units with the Maxxum foot.

    Anyway, how is that more of an issue than with, say, Nikon? If you want an
    external flash that makes full use of the Nikon cameras' features, you have
    a choice of exactly *two* flash units: the Nikon SB-600 and SB-800.

    Nostrobino, Sep 30, 2005
  17. Digital Photography Now, Sep 30, 2005
  18. Mark Cutler

    nick c Guest

    Beware. The Sunpak PZ-040X supposedly does not work with Canons 20D or
    1DMKII cameras. It doesn't work with some model Nikons too but I forgot
    which models they were.
    nick c, Oct 1, 2005
  19. I had a PZ-40X in to test with an EOS-350D (Rebel XT) and it worked without
    any problem. The older (but still current) PZ-4000AF and PZ-5000AF models
    are not i-ttl or e-ttl compatible.

    If you have any more info about the PZ-40X not working properly with Canon
    or Nikon DSLRs, I'd like to know.


    Digital Photography Now
    Visit our discussion forum at http://dpnow.com/Forums.html
    Digital Photography Now, Oct 1, 2005
  20. Mark Cutler

    nick c Guest

    I was interested in getting the PZ-040X, because of it's size, to use on
    both my 20D and 1DMKII cameras. I have the big B&W catalog and looked it
    up in the catalog, priced at $124.95. I was going to call B&W to order
    one but before I did, I decided to do a Google to see if I could find
    additional useful information about the flash. There's lots of info
    (often repetitive) to be found when doing a search. I 'think' it was
    when I clicked on Adorama and searched for PZ-040X to compare price, I
    found it listed for Nikon and Canon. I hope I'm right about it being
    Adorama. It was some time ago when I did the Google search. It was when
    I clicked on the Nikon and Canon indicators that I read the
    incompatibility of the PZ-040X flash with specific camera bodies. The
    B&W catalog that I have, which is their latest one, provides NO specific
    information concerning camera body incompatibility.

    With Canon, the only incompatible bodies listed were the 20D and 1DMKII
    (just my luck). With Nikon, there were a bunch of camera bodies listed
    but I can't recall what they were. I can say the F4 and F5 cameras were
    not listed; I have both these bodies. This is the only area I came
    across that warned about camera body incompatibility. I don't recall
    seeing anything mentioned on the Sunpak web cite about camera body

    I didn't bother to Bookmark where I read the incompatibility information
    'cause when I read about it I lost interest.
    nick c, Oct 2, 2005
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