Minolta MD W Rokkor 20mm f2.8 lens

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Mark A Framness, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Greetings,

    Hey can anyone tell me about the "Minolta MD W Rokkor 20mm f2.8 lens"? From
    what I can see it is a manual lens, no autofocus or autoexposure, correct?
    Can it fit on a Maxxum 7000i body?

    I had a 20mm F2.8 lens (Promura) and it is fallin apart on me and a wide
    angle would make a freelance photo shoot a lot easier!

    Thank You
    Mark A Framness, Jan 23, 2004
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  2. Mark A Framness

    Colyn Guest

    This is a very good lens for the older manual focus cameras.

    I have heard of an adapter to fit manual focus lens on the Maxxum line
    but have never seen one..

    Colyn Goodson

    Colyn, Jan 23, 2004
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  3. No to the last, it is purely for the manual focus cameras. You need an AF
    Minolta lens; Minolta, like Canon, switched lens mount when they introduced
    AF cameras.
    Martin Francis, Jan 23, 2004
  4. I have an adaptor for my Promura 20mm lens, but as I said that hunk is
    falling into pieces. Oh well it served me well when it served.

    Mark A Framness, Jan 23, 2004
  5. Mark A Framness

    George Guest

    you can buy an adapter, they usually run between $50-$75 and due to
    the difference between the manual and autofocus film registers, it
    also acts as a 1.2x or 1.4x to the focal length.
    George, Jan 24, 2004
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