Minolta SRT101 question

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Mark & Shauna, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Hello all,
    I am guessing this will be a simple answer but for the life of me its
    driving me crazy. I bought the camera on ebay for astrophotography on my
    scope. Yes I know, old, etc. mirror lockup. I am just doing some simple
    prime stuff and piggyback so hat trick will be fine. CCD is my main focus.

    Anyway, the camera came and is in pristine condition, more accessories
    than I expected. I have started playing around with the camera taking
    terrestrial photos. To the question, I was happy to see upon installing
    a new battery the light meter worked great. However, I have now twice
    had the problem with the meter getting stuck operating only when the
    aperture is held in the open position if you get what I mean. Its really
    weird. It did it to me once out in the field and in just playing around
    with it a bit I got it fixed but this time I am not so lucky. I am
    thinking it is something to do with the way the lens is put on or
    something? Or to do with the little flipper piece in the body? That
    said, this time it did it without doing anything. I just picked it up to
    use it and it seemed to be backwards. So what exactly is happening is:

    Looking through the view finder, meter on, button below the lens mount
    is in the position where changing the fl. changes nothing through the
    view finder (no dimming or brightening) the meter is working and
    reading. I check this by putting my hand over the end of the lens and
    the meter goes up, point at bright and the meter goes down. Now I push
    the button under the lens mount, and the meter snaps all the way to the
    top and stays there, no matter what I do when I adjust the fl even all
    the way to f/2.8 (lowest). Push the button again, the iris snaps open
    and the meter returns to the metering position.

    When the meter was working properly of course it would be just the
    opposite allowing me to set the exposure time based on the meter reading
    with the fl set to were I want. Longer fl the meter would go up, shorter
    it would go down.

    Hope this is a rudimentary thing and an easy resolution. Sorry for the
    lenght but I wanted to be clear.

    Thanks, Mark
    Mark & Shauna, Dec 16, 2003
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  2. Mark & Shauna

    David Haynes Guest

    It's been a while since I used my 101, but it I understand your
    posting correctly, the camera is behaving normally. The 'button' under
    the lens mount disables the metering altogether and opens the lens
    up fully. It was intended to allow you to frame your shot in the
    fullest light conditions. After you have the shot framed, you could
    restore the metering and continue to setup the shot.

    David Haynes, Apr 30, 2004
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  3. Mark & Shauna

    Mike Guy Guest

    The button you push all the way in (under the lens mount) is the "depth of
    field preview" feature on the Minolta SRT 101. It is working as it should
    when it does what you are describing. After checking the depth of field,
    you push it in again and it returns the meter and lens back to the correct
    "metering" position for you picture taking. Hope this helps.

    Mike Guy, Apr 30, 2004
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