*Minolta Users* - How was the transition from 800si to Maxxum 7??

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Viken Karaguesian, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    I haven't written to this board for a long time although I have been
    browsing. I currently have an 800si and am thinking of switching to a
    Maxxum 7. I really like the added features, like the 9 AF sensors,
    distance technology, rear LCD, etc. It's also *much* lighter that my
    800si and lens.

    I played around with a Maxxum 7 (and vertical grip) at my local camera
    store. I loved the rear LCD screen, the AF sensors and AF speed. Also,
    the vertical grip seems more natural and the overall lightness of the
    camera is great. I found some things about the Maxxum 7 that may make
    it tough for me to transition from the 800si:

    1) With everything having gone to dials, going back to "P" mode is not
    as easy. With the 800si, I just pressed the "P" button; with the 7 I
    have to turn the dial off "P" then back to "P". Has this been a hassle
    to other users?

    2) The AF Sensor Selector Pad is a cool feature, but I noticed that,
    unless I have gargantuan hands, it's impossible to reach in vertical
    mode with the grip on. This means that if I'm shooting vertical and I
    want to swith sensors, I have to hold the camera horizontal, choose my
    sensor, lock it, the go back to vertical. With the 800si all I had to
    do was press the AF button and scroll wheel to select my AF sensor.
    This "AF" button was duplicated on the vertical grip, which makes it
    just as easy to change AF sensors in vertical mode. Has this been a
    problem with other "converts"?

    3) With the dials, it seems like it not as easy to make adjustments
    "on the fly" with the camera at eye level. With my 800si I can change
    exposure/flash compensation without moving either hand off its
    position and while keeping the camera at eye level. Turning the dials
    seems more cumbersome.

    These are just my initial impressions. I admit that 10 minutes in a
    camera store is not enough time, so that's why I want other Minolta
    users' input. I want the experiences of others who ditched the 800si
    for the 7 and what they found hard to get used to or found easy to

    I know that I'll get a barrage of "what don't you just get digital?"
    responses, but I really do enjoy film. If I want a digital image, I
    just scan my slides with my slide scanner. Maybe I'll buy the Digital
    7 when it comes out as well :>)

    Thanks for any responses.

    Viken Karaguesian
    Viken Karaguesian, Jun 15, 2004
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  2. 1) With everything having gone to dials, going back to "P" mode is not
    This is a hassle? You live a sheltered life or something? :) No big deal.
    I generally use the center sensor only, so no, no problem. Maybe for you
    It's easy, once you're used to it.

    Mike Lipphardt, Jun 16, 2004
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  3. Viken Karaguesian

    Alan Browne Guest

    I can't see the OP but I agree with Mike vis-a-vis dials and
    controls. I can do everything I need to do (switch modes (A, S,
    M), adjust aperture/speed, switch MF/AF, adjust EXP COMP, hold
    the AEL (for exp lock), change meter mode (spot, ctr-wtd,
    scene-wtd), move the focus position, etc.) without my eye leaving
    the viewfinder. (Note I'm talking about the Max 9, but it is
    similar in these respects to the Max 7).
    Alan Browne, Jun 16, 2004
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