Minolta Z1

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Chris Oates, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Chris Oates

    Chris Oates Guest

    I was a bit worried about buying it
    ...lots of reports of lens wobble noise
    purple night shot fringing etc

    came from casio qv7000 so I
    really miss the swivelling lens
    as I shoot a lot in cramped spaces
    where I can't see the Minlota screen
    (keep the casio which is worth nothing anyway)

    screen very very good
    and protected
    viewfinder - dioptre adjustment
    & full view of menu's - great
    just like my spotmatic ;)
    battery life excellent
    zoom - nice - done some night shots
    at 10x looks just like binoculars
    & no purple fringing
    when using viewfinder the buttons
    fall to hand nicely
    picture quality - excellent - my casio
    was ok but had problems with certain
    materials like granite rock - looked weird
    fast fast fast 10fps into a buffer - great
    too many options - easy to work with
    my casio power unit runs the Minolta
    looks sexy
    feels good

    don't like
    no case/cover at all
    battery cover/card cover feel like
    they are about to fall off
    USB cable plugs in to a weird place
    it's a weird shape and doesn't fit in your
    pocket but then again it's more like an
    slr than a digicam
    casio could have temporary or locked settings
    minolta seems to reset to default between shots
    battery level indicator doesn't seem to work
    the lens doesn't swivel - such a good feature

    a pal has just got a canon a70 - for similar
    amount - if I wore a suit to work I'd have
    got the cannon - I take a rucksack so I'm
    happy with the Minolta
    Chris Oates, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. Chris Oates

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    i've had one for a week now.
    i haven't noticed any rattling from the lens.
    the lens cover is fine. they must have changed it as it clips on now.
    the battery cover is fine. i don't understand why it's been called
    flimsy, maybe they've changed it?
    i use a sd card reader so the usb location doesn't worry me.
    it can suffer from purple fringing but i've only found it noticeable
    on one of my shots so far and that was rather an extreme shot.
    i absolutely love the camera. it's quick to start up and the batteries
    seem to last for ages. the zoom allows me to frame shots nicely and it
    gives nice sharp low noise results.
    i've just put a few shots from it on my website yesterday. they're not
    the best shots i have yet but that's the trouble of finding ones
    suitable for a website.

    I have a homepage
    It may be ordinary but it's better than nothing.
    Jim Vatunz, Jan 24, 2004
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  3. Chris Oates

    Chris Oates Guest

    I was initially put off by the purple fringing as I've seen shots
    which are totally purple - mine doesn't do this at all.
    quick to shoot as well - my previous camera took 5-10 seconds
    to recover
    can your brother garauntee I'll win ;)
    Chris Oates, Jan 24, 2004
  4. Chris Oates

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    i'm glad you said it. it was too hard for me to find the right words.
    my last camera was a right pain with the delay, but i'm happy now.
    no. but at least his exercise in programming hasn't been infected by
    the microsoft inspired bloatware disease.

    I have a homepage
    It may be ordinary but it's better than nothing.
    Jim Vatunz, Jan 24, 2004
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