missing audio frames during firewire capture help please!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Tim, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Tim

    Tim Guest

    I am having a problem with capturing DV tape to my dual 1000 megahertz
    pentium III. I have Windows 2000 Professional with service Pack 3. I have
    been capturing with my VIA OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 firewire controller and
    board. I am using Vegas Video 4 for capture and editing.

    After I finish the capture I find that tiny bits (usually exactly one video
    frame worth) of audio will not capture. The waveform is just a flat line for
    that 1/30th of a sec. I can recapture the video and the missing audio will
    be in different locations confirming that the problem is not with the tape.
    I have tried different firewire cables and different DV video players and
    the problem stays. When I listen to the tape as played by my vx-1000 camera
    or DHR-1000 I do not hear any audio problems. When I listen to the same tape
    as played thru the firewire port and using the Vegas Video 4 capture utility
    I hear the audio breakup.

    I am so frustrated that I am ready to trash this computer, the firewire
    board, and start over with a new system. It is very time consuming to
    examine each frame of video for missing audio. Does anyone have any ideas
    what my problem might be? Has this happened to anyone else? Just place the
    audio and video on the timeline, expand the audio, select it, hold the shift
    key and hit the up arrow until the waveform filles the entire area, expand
    to be able to see each frame, start searching at 2 or 4 speed. Do you find
    missing audio frames?

    I have have now purchased two additional firewire boards (adaptec and the
    ads pyro). They both leave me with the missing bits of audio. I then took
    both my VX-1000 and DHR-1000 down to the local computer store. I plugged
    into a new computer and again missing audio bits. I have tried about 5
    different firewire cables. I have tried a couple of different tapes. Is it
    possible to have missing audio frames on a tape and not hear it when played
    only thru the player and listened to with headphones? If it was a problem on
    the tape it should repeat at the same tc frame during another capture. It
    doesn't. Each time I capture the missing audio is in a different location.
    How could both my VX-1000 and DHR-1000 have a problem with firewire?

    I am ready to go to circuit city tonight and purchase a new camera just to
    be able to try a third player and recorder. I have 3 computers now that I
    have tried and all have the same problem. Sorry this is sooo long. I am just
    very frustrated with this problem.
    Tim, Jul 11, 2003
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