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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dave, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    This is one of my intermittent announcements of new stuff on my
    website, URL at the end of this text.

    South Side Views Salisbury Crags and Arthur's Seat, Braid Hills,
    Pentland Hills, Forrest Road Rooftops. (Also see South Side pages 3 &
    4 and Bruntsfield and Beyond.)

    View - golf, golf, golf, Pentland Hills 1152 x 864 217K
    In this view from Arthur's Seat we look across Prestonfield Golf
    Course, Craigmillar Park Golf Course, Braid Hills Golf Course,
    Mortonhall Golf Course, Lothianburn Golf Course, and Swanston Golf
    Course to the Pentlands. Needless to say that's not enough golf
    courses so they're digging up the meadow between Howe Dean and Lang
    Linn to build another one.

    Arthur's Seat 35 New Path 1152 x 864 274K Looking down onto the new
    path with Queen's Drive visible below Nether Hill. Two women are
    plodding up the steps. Meanwhile, the ubiquitous golfers are golfing.
    Golf, of course, is a game played with a stick with a ball at one end
    and a dick at the other.

    South Side Suburbs page 2

    Priestfield 1152 x 864 371K
    Orderly rows of 'des-res' detached bungalows as seen from Arthur's
    Seat. You're guaranteed to hear the authentic sound of the 'burbs
    should you pass this way, i.e. man taming nature with rotating
    electrical machinery.

    Rendered Art and Animations Page 3

    Purple Haze AVI file zipped 35.8MB
    If you've got broadband or all the time in the world then this might
    be for you. If playing in Windows Media Player then the quality is
    good enough to play full screen. The animation loops so you can enable
    continuous play.

    Rendered Art and Animations page 4

    Edinburgh Fly Through 00 1152 x 864 223K
    A still image taken from an animation in which the virtual camera flys
    through the 3D letters.

    Keyboard 08 800 x 600 44K
    Again, a still image from an animation. The keys on the keyboard
    undulate in a slow sine wave. The .avi files are about 18MB in size
    when rendered at 640 x 480 size.

    Keyboard 00 Flash Vector 3.11MB
    In order to reduce the file size, I've converted this model into a
    Flash animation. Those of you who don't have and don't want the Flash
    plugin shouldn't click on this. Because this is vector-drawn it can be
    any size you like.

    Hume Psychedelic 1152 x 864 299K
    The High Court has been adorned with feathery green fronds in this
    psychedelic treatment.

    Bruntsfield and Beyond Meadows, Merchiston, Midmar, Morningside

    Morningside Road 12 1152 x 864
    322K A similar view to the previous image on the page. This time the
    artificial ski slope is visible at Hillend on the Pentland Hills.

    All images (about 1700) are free for personal use only and must not
    change hands as part of a commercial transaction.


    1700 free hi-res photos especially Edinburgh and
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    If replying by email please use real dots!
    Dave, Aug 31, 2003
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  2. Dave

    Killie Guest

    As usual excellent photos , I like the latest batch you have
    uploaded, their all around my side of town which makes them even more
    I hope you don't mind I've posted a link to them in my forums.

    Pop in and say hello,
    New members always welcome, Free membership.
    Killie, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. Nice shots - good detail. Still shooting with the Nikon Coolpix?

    jim h


    More than photographs: free downloads, prizes, a bit of humour...
    Jim Hutchison, Sep 5, 2003
  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    It's in limbo. This early model 900 eats batteries and loses its time,
    date and wide angle settings. Nobody would buy it now but it's worth
    keeping because I can regain some of my old SLR capability with the
    24mm equivalent add-on lens. It's good for macro flash stuff, too.

    I'm currently besotted with my miniscule Sony DSC-U30. This is more
    than a replacement for my old Minox GL1? (not sure) 35mm with its fold
    down front. I put my Olympus E-10 and tele & w/a adapters on the
    bathroom scales and they totalled 3Kg. Not exactly the camera you
    always have with you - but the Sony is.

    regards, Dave.

    1700 free hi-res photos especially Edinburgh and
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    If replying by email please use real dots!
    Dave, Sep 5, 2003
  5. Dave

    Derek F Guest

    I'v not been there for a while, when did they do the zig zag path? Someone
    must have been to Switzerland on holiday and liked the concept.
    Derek F, Sep 5, 2003
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