More on the Evil Nikon's privatisation plans

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Douglas, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Earlier, Ken Chandler posted information that Nikon had begun to encrypt
    data in their RAW files. There seems to be some degree of emotion about this
    issue. Just the fact that the data your picture relies on to become a
    photograph is covered by a patent and the owner has refused to provide
    licenses to software developers seeking to include it in their own copyright
    software (read that as Adobe, DxO and Raw Shooter) should ring some alarm
    bells in the ears of potential Nikon DSLR buyers.
    Nikon's attempt to justify forcing their users to use only Nikon software to
    convert camera files to image files for editing is partly printed below.
    Anyone who has used a raw data converter to manipulate an image into a
    photograph will realize the problems this nasty act will produce. Programs
    like DxO which fix camera and lens errors during conversion will have a hard
    time (legally) discovering what the white balance was... Who know what else
    is in store for loyal Nikonians if they get away with this lot?

    From part of a statement by Nikon published on

    " Nikon's preservation of its unique technology in the NEF file is employed
    as an action that protects the uniqueness of the file. At the same time,
    Nikon makes available a software developer kit (SDK) that, when implemented
    appropriately, enables a wide range of NEF performance, including white
    balance, for Nikon photographers and their productive use of the NEF file. "
    The implemented approprietly" part is the catch in this statement.

    All sounds like an evil attempt to control what, when and how you handle
    your photographs. It may be tolerable to some if the cameras were better (as
    good as?) other offerings but saddly they ain't!

    Sort of make me feel better about dumping $15k's worth of Nikon film cameras
    and lenses to buy Canon when I went digital. I still don't have the same
    lens choice as I did with Nikon but at least I don't have the problems many
    of my customers with Nikons have either. Canon isn't perfect but it's better
    than Nikon by a long shot. Christ, even my old SD9 would give a D100 a run
    for it's money if it had the benefit of Nikon glass.

    Douglas, Apr 23, 2005
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  2. Douglas

    Hugh Jorgan Guest

    If you switched to Canon then your post is pointless, or you are a troll.
    Hugh Jorgan, Apr 23, 2005
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  3. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    A troll?
    In this group?
    LOL. As if I'll get past the average 2 responses and yours is the first!

    Douglas, Apr 23, 2005
  4. Douglas

    Phred Guest

    I thought he gave us a pretty fair warning about Nikon. Mind you, I
    was recently warned off Canon stuff too, so choices seem to be
    evaporating rapidly. :)

    [And it's time you fixed your newsreader so your .sig is in its proper

    Cheers, Phred.
    Phred, Apr 23, 2005
  5. Douglas

    s Guest

    The rest of their response is here :

    It would appear that if you're choices are nikon's software, adobe's
    software or the SDK. The SDK is only available to 'bona fide' software
    developers upon written application.

    Fortunately in oz, reverse engineering for the sake of interoperability
    is legal (unless we got screwed in the FTA with the US), so i suspect it
    would be legal to write your own NEF reader provided the only
    information you used was an NEF file and didn't use other
    implementations of NEF readers to help you along.

    I still can't see the upside for Nikon though. How does this make their
    cameras a more attractive solution ? Why is this better than what canon
    or any of the others have done ? I've used raw convertors for canon
    files before that did a horrible job .. it didn't stop me using the
    canon, it just stopped me using the cruddy software.

    Incidentally, i found this, a description of canon's raw format :

    I also get the impression that canon offers no SDK. I tried searching
    for info on nikons' raw format, but google seems to be awash with
    references to the encryption kerfuffle.
    s, Apr 23, 2005
  6. Douglas

    werdan Guest

    I love my 7D ;-)
    werdan, Apr 23, 2005
  7. Douglas

    prep Guest

    What lenses do you think Canon are lacking? OK, things like the UV Nikors
    and the like excepted.

    Paul Repacholi 1 Crescent Rd.,
    +61 (08) 9257-1001 Kalamunda.
    West Australia 6076
    comp.os.vms,- The Older, Grumpier Slashdot
    Raw, Cooked or Well-done, it's all half baked.
    EPIC, The Architecture of the future, always has been, always will be.
    prep, Apr 23, 2005
  8. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    You read me wrong Paul...
    I just haven't *EXCHANGED* all the Nikon lenses for Canon versions due to
    the cost of converting. Slowly but surely I am acquiring Canon glass but at
    like $11k for one of them, I haven't been too keen to splash the plastic!

    I did however buy a Sigma f2.6 120~300 for $3k in the hope it would stand up
    instead of the 300mm canon lens I lack. It's not bad but totally out of it's
    class in a direct comparison. Still... It does for now and the purchase has
    proven cheaper than continual hire. I doubt I would ever recover the cost of
    the Canon which is why I haven't bought it but I certainly have recovered
    the cost of the Sigma.

    Douglas, Apr 23, 2005
  9. Douglas

    Brian May Guest

    Douglas> buyers. Nikon's attempt to justify forcing their users
    Douglas> to use only Nikon software to convert camera files to
    Douglas> image files for editing is partly printed below.

    I would speculate that Nikon don't provide any software for decoding
    raw images that doesn't run on non-Windows computers. Especially
    Linux. Possibly MacOS (but MacOS is more likely to be supported then

    What OS I install on my computer is my business (subject to hardware
    constraints, e.g. some computers simply won't run Windows). I resent
    any company that forces me to buy & install Windows on my computers in
    order to run their software, when open source alternatives can/do
    exist that will do the same/similar thing (even *if* the open source
    solution is of lower quality, that is *my* decision).

    Lets hope we don't encounter the same problem with digital photo
    formats as with DVDs where it is illegal in some countries simply to
    run DVD CSS decryption software (required to watch commercial DVDs
    under Linux, even though the source code is readily available (yes,
    this is a legal nightmare), even to the extent of being printed on
    T-Shirts. This is despite the fact that encrypting the data doesn't
    prevent making perfect copies of the encrypted data (or so I have
    Brian May, Apr 25, 2005
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