Mouse Shoulder?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by GudTyme, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. GudTyme

    GudTyme Guest

    Hello all,

    I have been diagnosed with what my doctor calls Mouse Shoulder from
    working the computer mouse all day. He recommended a product called a
    Theracane or a Pressure Pointer for self-treatment. I tried the
    Thercane at his office, it felt pretty good, but, does anyone have any
    experience/success with either of these devices? Anyone have any any
    other treatments that worked for you?

    Thanks for any information,
    GudTyme, Jul 31, 2003
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  2. GudTyme

    nappy Guest

    I routinely swap between a Wacom pen and the mouse. I have mouse ARM!

    Just curious.. I noticed a real increase in pain and discomfort when I
    started working on macs.They require SO much more mouse movement..yup.. they
    really do.

    Are you working on a mac or pc..? Not that it is relevant but as I said.. I
    noticed a real problem once I started working in the mac environ more
    often.. EVERYTHING is a mouse click and when you are working on 2 screens
    the fact that the MacOS leaves the title/menu bar on the left monitor all
    the time is DRUDGERY..
    nappy, Jul 31, 2003
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  3. GudTyme

    Bill Davis Guest


    Let me guess that you haven't personalized your "mouse tracking" settings yet?

    I keep mine a couple clicks down from Maximum and I can move the curser
    from one side of my 23" Cinema Display to the other with a quick wrist
    flick of about two inches. (hint: the faster you move the mouse, the
    farther your curser will move)

    Once again, I don't think you're talking about a problem that exists with
    the MAC, but rather your incomplete understanding of how it works.

    Since Apple was the FIRST popular computer to employ the mouse as an
    interface device, they have a BIT of experience with it. You know?
    Bill Davis, Jul 31, 2003
  4. GudTyme

    Bill Davis Guest

    EVERYTHING is a mouse click and when you are working on 2 screens
    Uh, not really.

    The menu is on the monitor that you specify as the MAIN monitor. You're
    free to go to the Monitor's controls and designate ANY connected screen as
    your control monitor.

    Nappy, if you're going to use a Mac, you've really got to go back and
    learn some of this basis stuff before you keep trashing it.

    It makes you sound silly.
    Bill Davis, Jul 31, 2003
  5. GudTyme

    nappy Guest


    nope.. I did what I could.
    um.. yeah.. it is so complex that I can barely understand how it works..
    Even though I have been getting paid to write code on it.

    That's the dumbest thing I have heard all day. They still only have one
    fucking button on the damn thing.

    Come on Bill.

    There are SO many extra steps on the mac to do simple things.. Most windows
    can ONLY be resized from the lower corner, Finder is a real stretch..
    Windows Explorer is so well done.. Since the OSX team was probably unable to
    replicate it .. that's what we got.. I could go on and on....
    As someone who has been on macs ten hours a day for the last year or so I
    have to say it is a real pain in the ass..

    Sorry if that is a problem for you Bill.. please TRY not to take it so
    personally .. makes you look bad.

    No, Bill. Instead of making a bad joke as you have above you might listen.

    As a long time Windows User and a mac user of 2 years now I find the UI on
    the mac much more tedious than Windows. 'Cause it is.
    Now, Bill.. I haven't made these statements to make you feel bad... These
    are my honest observations. Without personal attachments. If you want to
    debate this let's talk.. If you respond again telling me I don't know how to
    use a mac.. I'll tell you that I probably know them better than you do by
    now. And that will be the end of it.
    nappy, Jul 31, 2003
  6. GudTyme

    Geoff Dills Guest

    I have been diagnosed with what my doctor calls Mouse Shoulder from

    You might consider checking into accupuncture...I was skeptical until I had
    gone through every treatment for tennis elbow known to modern medicine and
    finally someone suggested this route...worked like a charm and never had a
    problem since....don't know if it will fix this problem, but they will tell
    you whether it will or case is to find a doc who does both
    traditional and accupuncture...


    Geoff Dills, Jul 31, 2003
  7. GudTyme

    nappy Guest

    now... Bill.. it isn't important which monitor it is on.. what's important
    is that it does NOT follow main windows like Win32 stuff does. Which is what
    makes it such a pain in the ass. Get it? Not only is that a pain in the
    ass but all of the menu/title bars are always on top of each other. Unlike
    Windows where you can have a complete app on each monitor. Far preferable to
    the quag the mac is. And, as I laid out earlier, which you did not respond
    to, the main features of OSX are pathetically ineffecient and clumsy.

    What makes me sound silly is explaining this stuff repeatedly to a mac user
    only to have him completely miss the point. Try and carry on a conversation
    without taking personal offense that not everyone enjoys Job's snow job.

    As far as the basics. I am sure from the time spent on this board that my
    understanding of the mac exceeds what you may have learned using FCP. . So
    you have wasted enough text trying to ..well.. I have no friggin idea what
    you are trying to accomplish ..

    I can tell you this. After cutting a few shows with FCP and working on the
    mac daily any RSI's that I had are worse. It subsides when I work on the PC.

    I did get a real kick out of your assertion that Apple invented the mouse so
    they know what they are doing.. If you can keep it funny like that I enjoy
    talking with ya.
    nappy, Jul 31, 2003
  8. GudTyme

    nappy Guest

    ps.. man we're gonna have on hell of a dinner when we finally get together
    for that steak. But you're from AZ.. isn't it legal to carry guns there?

    BTW ... the Salt Lake City gig dried up like the salt flats.. for the
    moment. I heard from 2 local video companies in SLC. One looked quite
    professional.. white rabbit.. ever worked with those guys?
    nappy, Aug 1, 2003
  9. GudTyme

    GudTyme Guest

    Thanks everyone for the information,

    Acupuncture does work to relieve the pain, acupressure works pretty
    good too. My main problem is my pain keeps coming back because I over
    use the muscles almost daily. Between computering, driving, and
    carrying the kid around I seem to get the sore neck and shoulders a

    After researching some, I decided to try a Pressure Pointer for 30
    days, I'm going to see if this thing does what they say it can. I
    talked to the guy who invented it and he said it was invented BECAUSE
    of mouse shoulder, he was a computer programmer.

    Does anyone want to hear a review? I should have it next week, and if
    it helps me I'll post back here.
    GudTyme, Aug 1, 2003
  10. GudTyme

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Just tuned into this thread. Don't overlook poor ergonomics. I went
    through absolute hell about a year ago and a simple change in the
    workstation height solved all my problems.

    Mike Kujbida, Aug 1, 2003
  11. GudTyme

    Rusty Wright Guest

    And yet, when anyone posts anything negative about the Mac you get all
    red in the face and post these apoplectic defenses of Apple and the
    Rusty Wright, Aug 2, 2003
  12. D. 1 Aug 2003 13:57:24 -0700 syntes (GudTyme) at skulle vide at
    In Denmark, several medical studies have prooven it to work on some
    conditions. I don't remember which.
    The only right solutions is not to do that. I've heard about many people
    that just dosn't stop in time, and bitterly regrets it later.
    You may have to do those things differently.

    In computing "nappy" recommended the Wacom pen - I have one too, and can
    also recommend it. I also have a trackball, which I use for my left hand.
    I'm right handed, but have learned to use a mouse or trackball with my left
    hand. You may want to have a mouse for some operations, but the key is that
    you don't use a mouse all the time.
    I also uses a table, which can be lowered and raised, by the push of a
    button. I think that helps too. Finally I uses an ergonomic keyboard. Not
    the Microsoft and Logitech has put out - have tried the one from MS, and it
    is the worst I've ever used. I uses one which can be adjusted in every way
    ( It's
    also really good (I use the keyboard the most).

    I don't know anything about the other two things, but I would be surprised
    if they can't be done in a different way.

    But of cause the problem is, that everybody has and want to do their job
    and have the family life to work, and as long it's only some pain, people
    just keep going.
    I have regretted that I didn't get all this ergonomic equitment years
    before I did.
    Please do.
    Simon Mikkelsen, Aug 2, 2003
  13. GudTyme

    nappy Guest

    So you are a die hard mac fan.. Get a PC and use it for a while then come
    back and we'll talk..

    not part time. as an editor and program developer 10 - 14 hours a day. .
    Yes, from your posts here I can safely say I have a better understanding of
    the mac, the OS, etc..

    naw.. its just normal computer use.. Or are you saying that the mac, the
    easiest computer ever, would take more than a few months to master? Naw.. no
    computer is that complex... remember I am as much a developer as an end

    Which system did I say I loved? I have only ever talked about how poor the
    mac is. I really don't love any system... you mac guys are bipolar.
    Wouldn't try to force anyone.. That's your problem Bill.. try to remove your
    mac from your heart for a moment and just discuss the merits. It is rather
    unbecoming to continually insult someone who disagrees with you without
    providing any real feedback.

    You jumped into this conversation because you don't agree with the FACT
    that mac OSX is a pretty piss poor interface.. And OS9 was a complete and
    total joke. But even now.. the UI is pathetic.. Finder is a real mess
    compared to explorer .. which is why they fixed it up for Panther ..
    (gerbil). Ever try to use the Apple Help viewer? Well. in OSX it DOESN'T
    work unless you have ONE particular font size selected.. awesome eh? And the
    Airport.. What a joke.. I have a $1500 VAIO and when I set them side by side
    in the back yard ( I usually work outside with the birdz and squirrels) ..
    The VAIO wireless works and the mac wireless is already way out of range..
    very poor for a $3000 laptop..

    I especially love the occasional complete shutdowns when working with FCP or
    just about anything on the laptop.. Even the DUAL1G bombs out ... but
    they're all the same aren't they?.. Oh yeah.. its my fault they suck... I

    How many versions of OSX are there? DO you know why? It is because they
    shipped it way way before they were anywhere near done. And the BSD
    implementation is rather pathetic .. It is a bastardization rather than an

    Yes.. and Windows is far more intelligent when it comes to dealing with two
    so what?

    Again, Bill.. you really just have to stick to the facts in order to carry
    on an adult conversation. The MAC UI requires more mouse movement farther,
    than Windows does. Go on your Windows machines and compare for yourself..
    Oh.. wait.. you don't even HAVE any Windows machine.. I have been wasting my

    Look Bill.. I don't think I will get into any more of these MSC vs PC things
    with you until you get a few years in on a PC. Then you may have some idea
    what you are talking about.

    Again.. I merely posted with my RSI experiences with the toy computer .. you
    jumped in and got the same you will always get..
    nappy, Aug 2, 2003
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