mpeg2 demux pain

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by TheMartian, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. TheMartian

    TheMartian Guest

    ok, this ones got me totally stumped

    demux a 12GB 1080i mpeg_ts stream, and the audio and video that results
    are different lengths, by some 16 minutes

    tried the demux with several different tools, all giving the same results

    even tried running the source through ts2ps then running it through

    all gives the same result

    before I sink into lip-sync hell, anyone got any ideas?

    BTW, running Linux for the demux, all in the name of getting this source
    into FCP running on the Mac
    TheMartian, Mar 9, 2005
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  2. hehe
    Normal way I demux is ts2pes followed by es_demux.

    cat q.ts | ts2pes VPIS APID > q.pes
    es_demux q.pes q.mp2 q.mpv
    In case of AC3 this will perhaps not work.
    There also exists bbdmux, and super_demux (the last one on my site).
    Anyways, I did try the demux on the HDTV stream some time ago, maybe if
    I feel like it I will try later and write a 'guide' or script.
    As for the normal ones look at my site:
    It is getting full I know, more and more stuff is added all the time.

    You also should mention what program / DVB card you used, as for example SkyStar1
    will f*ck up HDTV and not make a true TS (at least mine does that).
    I use wintv nova for HDTV, as that gives clean .ts.
    You want the budget cards.
    Jan Panteltje, Mar 9, 2005
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  3. Hey, are you sure your DEMUX is wrong?
    Did you by any chance try to re-mux wit ha VOB (DVD) multiplexer?).
    Then you get exactly that effect.
    This HDTV is NOT DVD standard,

    I did the following just now,

    Tuned with with xdipo, the recorded some 1.5 GB like this:
    cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 > q1.ts

    The played with (latest) xine:
    xine q1.ts
    All in sync

    Now made a .pes
    cat q.ts | ts2pes 272 528 > q1.pes

    Then demuxed:
    es_demux q1.pes q1.mp2 q1.mpv

    Listened to the mp2
    mpg123 q1.mp2, no problems with audio.

    Remux to VOB:
    tcmplex-panteltje -i q1.mpv -0 q1.mp2 -m d -o q.vob
    This gives thousand of warning about audio underflow, and the audio ends early.

    BUT muxed like this:
    nice -n 19 tcmplex-panteltje -i q1.mpv -0 q1.mp2 -m 2 -o q.mpg
    gives a mpg tha tseems in sync (have not tested to the milli-second).

    All software in
    Any complaints to

    That will be 100Euro
    Jan Panteltje, Mar 9, 2005
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