Music videos synchronize with midi track

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Alfred Bovin, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Alfred Bovin

    Alfred Bovin Guest

    Hi all.

    First of all I should say that I'm a complete video making rookie. I'm
    however a musician and composer and I've got the idea that videoes to some
    of my tracks may help a bit on the exposition of them, so I want to try out
    if I can do something in this area.

    At the moment I think I'm mostly into some animated stuff, and I've a bit
    with Ulead Videostudio but my main problem is to get it synchronized
    correcly to the video. That is: I find it difficult to make the
    animations/still images change at specific beats in the music track and so

    Do you have any advice regarding software or something else that will help
    me in this process?

    Thanks in advance.
    Alfred Bovin, Mar 13, 2010
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  2. Alfred Bovin

    Bob Ford Guest

    I don't do much NLE editing but when I do, I use Adobe Premiere
    Elements V7.0. I'm pretty sure it has a built in function to enable
    cutting on the beats of an audio track.Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Mar 13, 2010
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  3. My Premiere Elements 4 has it. My only caveat is the usual:
    Premiere isn't a very good program for editing HD (see my for why...),
    but it is fine for SD.
    David Ruether, Mar 14, 2010
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