my DIY "home-brewed" digi-cam *macro* lens adapter is successful,mostly (pix at site)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by dave, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. dave

    dave Guest

    posted my test images, some 'lite' technical details, some test images
    produced with the "cobb-job macro adapter" I made (and even some pix of
    the binoculars I -removed- the lenses from) at this site:

    results "pretty dern good" were achieved, but still trying to get an
    even -smaller- object to 'fill the image area' (but not sure how exactly)

    okey dokey, lads

    dave, Jan 6, 2006
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  2. dave

    Deedee Tee Guest

    I don't know much Japanese, but the label "koko ga hazureta" on one of
    the pictures means "disconnected here". I can't help with the rest.
    Deedee Tee, Jan 7, 2006
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