NEC Dual format dual layer DVD burner?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by leo, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. leo

    leo Guest

    My DVD burner is dying. I checked that the NEC dual layer drive is cheap and
    also has good comment. I am not too confident with it because I tried a 2x
    NEC & Panasonic DVD drive in the past. For some unknown reasons, the CPU
    load is heavy when the drives were writing data. It never happened to LG,
    Toshiba or Pioneer drives. Is it because of the cache size or something
    else? Is the new NEC drive a good buy?
    leo, Jun 27, 2004
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  2. leo

    Martin Guest

    If your CPU is being used excessively while using a burner, i'd suspect that
    the drive is not operating in DMA mode but in PIO mode.

    I had this problem recently - my LG4081B taking CPU usage to between 85% to
    95% while burning.
    I'd installed the incorrect chipset drivers for my motherboard and the drive
    was operating in PIO mode - it usually operates in DMA mode 2.
    I tried to uninstall the incorrect drivers and install the correct chipset
    drivers but it didn't fix it.
    I reinstalled Windows XP and installed the correct chipset drivers and the
    drive operated in DMA mode 2 - with just a minimal CPU usage.

    Martin, Jun 28, 2004
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  3. leo

    leo Guest

    I just got the drive. It works very well. I wonder how expensive those dual
    layer DVD+R cost!
    leo, Jun 30, 2004
  4. leo

    Hactar Guest

    At Best Buy, $29.99 buys you the "Verbatim 10-Pack DVD+R/RW and DVD+R DL
    Double-Layer Disc Solution Kit", which "Includes 1 DVD+R DL (double-layer)
    disc, 1 DVD+RW disc and 8 DVD+R discs". They sell 5 DVD+RWs for $19.99 ($4
    each), and 5 DVD+Rs for $12.99 ($2.60 each), so that DVD DL costs about ($30
    - $4 - 8*$2.60) = $5.20. All products include jewel cases.

    You could buy DVD+Rs or DVD+RWs in larger quantities or elsewhere, and the
    price would be lower, which would make the DL disc more expensive. For
    example, at, 25 Ritek DVD+RWs are $27.50 ($1.10 each),
    and 50 Prodisc DVD+Rs are $37.50 ($0.75 each), and 25 standard-size jewel
    cases are $6.00 ($0.24 each), so that DL disc is ($30 - $1.10 - 8*$0.75 +
    9*$0.24) = $20.74. Quite a bit more expensive.

    I've got a DL writer, but I'm not going to buy any DL media until it's
    Hactar, Jul 1, 2004
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