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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by MaryL, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. MaryL

    MaryL Guest

    I know this isn't the correct newsgroup for my question, but I need help
    locating the "correct" one. I hope someone on this group can direct me to
    the NG I should use.

    I would like to to the following, and would like to know which newsgroups I
    should use for information:
    (1) Advice on purchasing a small digital camcorder (palmcorder). I have a
    Panasonic mini-DV palmcorder, model #PV-DV400. It is several years old and
    takes pretty good tapes, but I cannot connect it to my computer. I have USB
    ports but not firewire. This 'corder uses mini tapes, and I am also
    interested in knowing if I should look at camcorder that uses a different
    type of media. I can connect it to a TV and make VHS tapes that way, then
    edit tapes on the VCR and use a dual deck VCR/DVD unit to copy to DVDs.
    That is cumbersome and each generation loses quality. Surely, there is a
    better way!
    (2) I love taking pictures -- still and camcorder -- of my cats and would
    like to be able to upload a few short videos of them so friends can view
    them. I know this will require some type of video editing and would like
    advice on which programs have the easiest "learning curve" and how tapes can
    then be uploaded. I do not have a camera phone, so these would be videos
    from the camcorders (hopefully, current tapes as well as those that would be
    taken on the new camcorder).

    I am using Win XP-Home Edition.

    MaryL, Oct 24, 2007
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  2. Yes-get a PCI firewire card.Mine cost only 12 euros, complete with cable and
    Ulead video studio 8 on cd.This card goes to the expansion slots of your
    desktop computer;while that is possible with a laptop too, it's a bit more
    complicated.It was a bit tricky to install though, the cd had no drivers so
    I had to manually install it with win 2k standard firewire drivers, with VIA
    chipset.I have th sony dcr hc 32e;it's quite good, but it's a discontinued
    model.If someone in your town has one (new) in stock it might be a
    bargain.Here, it's being sold for 350 euros, original price was 500
    euros.(The current model is sony dcr hc39e).It's got much more than you'd
    ever ask, spot focus, manual white balance, spot photo meter etc.(It is also
    a mini dv camcorder).Other formats are hard drive, dvd and solid state.Each
    has advantages and disadvantages, but the guys at were
    telling that mini dv is the best compromise;-)While eg you shake momentarily
    the camera, with mini dv you might lose a couple of frames woth of footage,
    if the dvd (records directly on smaller dvd-r disks)is shaken when the dvd
    is being finalized, it's trash.The same with hard drive.And, the hard drive,
    after you dump the video to the computer, what happens with the original
    file?Delete.The better quality is also achieved with mini dv, because it
    uses intraframe compression, (DV-25 codec)in contrast to the interframe
    compression of dvd and hard drive camcorders (MPEG-4 codec).It makes it
    easier to edit, and since the authoring/editing/compressing is done on your
    desktop, which is 100 times more powerful than the camera, you have better
    quality of the final dvd.Mini dv cassetes are also very cheap, I got 3 60
    min maxwell for 6.90 euros.

    oaded. I do not have a camera phone, so these would be videos
    First, search for the firewire card, because without this, it's impossible
    to connect your camera to your computer.The firewire interface allows the
    computer to sends commands to the camera, and allows for a realtime transfer
    of video.Then, if the card comes with a basic video editing proggramm, like
    mine did, use this, and then you might get something better,like Pinnacle
    video studio which sells for 50 euros.
    No problem then;-)I still use win 2k and all is running well, knock on wood.

    Tzortzakakis Dimitrios, Oct 24, 2007
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  3. MaryL

    MaryL Guest

    I don't have firewire. That's why I would need some other setup unless I
    get a camcorder that connects via USB. I know that there is supposed to be
    some sort of hardware that will work in a case like this, but I don't know
    what it is. I'll check, as suggested.


    MaryL, Oct 24, 2007
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