Need help with adjusting copy's from book

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by DFWAIR, Dec 28, 2006.


    DFWAIR Guest

    as a newbie with CS2, I am wondering how or what is the process to clean up
    a photo that was scan from a family book?? It original is in need of help
    with scratches, spots, etc. But, due to the original coming from a book, I
    would like to clean it up and make it look more like a picture that is not
    so grainy due to the dot matrix print.

    I am trying to build up the family genelogy and have an application that
    allows for picture insertion, so I would like to try, but I need the
    pictures to be a lot better than what they are now.

    Would appreciate any assistance to fix up the family photos a bit. I also
    tries with PhotoImpression_4 and didn't have much luck.


    DFWAIR, Dec 28, 2006
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    Mike Russell Guest

    FFT based methods do the best job for cleaning up halftone dots. It is the
    only method I've seen that seems to reveal additional detail, instead of
    hiding the dots behind a veil of blur.

    Here's a discussion of how to do it using plugins that are available for
    free download. The thread is a few months old, but I and others will
    continue to respond if you have questions:
    Mike Russell, Dec 28, 2006
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