Need help with old Super 8 film/movies

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by jplasater, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. jplasater

    jplasater Guest

    For the first time in 20 years I got out our Super 8 Bell & Howell
    481a projector and some of our old super 8 film of our kids when they
    were young. We cranked it up and were surprised that it even worked.
    However, the pictures were darker than expected. I just wondered if
    anyone had any advice about this. Could the bulb in the projector(DJL
    150w,120v) have lost any of it's intensity or is it likely just that
    the film just darkened over the years? We had the film in cases so
    supposedly, no light has gotten to them.

    Our plan is to get them transferred to DVD. Any advice about that
    will be appreciated, too.
    jplasater, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. jplasater

    marks542004 Guest

    Yes to both.

    Super 8 was a consumer film with a life in excess of 20 years but it
    may have started to degrade.

    More likely is your bulb is not putting out as much light.

    It may also be that you are used to viewing an extremely bright tv

    If you have a small number of films search for telecine or 'super 8
    video transfer' and get prices.

    You may be able to do it yourself if you project the film and use a
    video camera on tripod to record it. In my experiance the different
    frame rates result in an unacceptable flicker.
    marks542004, Jan 18, 2005
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  3. jplasater

    DavesVideo Guest

    jplasater said:
    150w,120v) have lost any of it's intensity or is it likely just that
    the film just darkened over the years?>>

    There is an age change, but I have found old film tends to wash out and
    brighten. But, there are probably a lot of factors with respect to how it was
    storred. If you try a new bulb, you may find that that old $5 bulb is about $35

    DavesVideo, Jan 18, 2005
  4. jplasater

    Bill Van Dyk Guest

    I've never seen old 8mm film get darker. I would guess your bulb is the

    If you can afford it, have it done by a company that uses the machines
    that scan each individual frame. The results are outstanding-- you
    won't be sorry.
    Bill Van Dyk, Jan 18, 2005
  5. jplasater

    funnypolack Guest

    any companies you would recommend?
    funnypolack, Jan 19, 2005
  6. jplasater

    framexframe Guest

    i don't know. i think the washed out colours, flicker and other stuff
    make the media of film so endearing! ;-)
    framexframe, Jan 19, 2005
  7. jplasater

    Bill Van Dyk Guest

    I used a company in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

    Satisfactory work in every respect. And, as I said, the quality of the
    transfer was excellent.
    Bill Van Dyk, Jan 19, 2005
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