Need Information on Sabre S+35 Enlarger

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Dave Hunter, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Dave Hunter

    Dave Hunter Guest

    Hi All:

    A while back, I picked up a small Sabre s+35 enlarger (also labelled "an
    R$H Product" in a yard sale. While I realize this is only good for 35 mm
    film, I am restoring it as much as I can.

    It is missing its negative carrier. From looking at the unit, it looks
    as though the original carrier would have been approximately 3"x3", and
    the enlarger head has two indexing pins which would insert through the
    carrier, one on each side.

    Does anyone have a spare carrier for one of these (says he
    optimistically and with a truly dumb hope), or more realistically, does
    anyone have one of these they could photograph so that I could construct

    Also, and chances anyone would have a manual for this ancient toy?

    I am just getting back into at least processing my own films, and am
    looking for an inexpensive developing tank for 120 mm. and 35 mm. film
    as well?

    Many years ago, I processed my own films, and now that I have a number
    of good 120 cameras (Bronica, Rollieflex, Yashica D) in the collection
    and no nearby labs, it is time at least to develop my own film again.

    Dave Hunter, Oct 27, 2007
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  2. Dave Hunter

    Ken Hart Guest

    Over the years, when customers brought me old, odd-size negs, I made my own
    neg 'carriers'

    Just guessing here: Do you think the indexing pins go through the carrier,
    or perhaps they position the carrier.(The carrier butts up against them.)
    Try cutting two pieces of mounting board stock the size of the negative
    carrier stage plus a tb that sticks out the front. Cut a hole in the center
    of them 24mm x 36mm. Cut notches for the indexing pins. Cut some index card
    stock to fasten to the bottom piece spaced about by the width of the film to
    help you position the negative. Hinge the two pieces together in the back.

    As for the inexpensive developing tank-- there's this thing called eBay...!
    Actually, I have a couple plactic single roll tanks (120 or 1-35mm, the type
    where the top reel flange slides down for 35mm) that I wouldn't mind parting
    with. If you're interested, email me privately with your zip code, and I'll
    come up with a price.
    Ken Hart, Oct 28, 2007
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  3. Dave Hunter

    Dave Hunter Guest

    Hi Ken:

    I would think that they would have to go up through the carrier - the
    "lens cone" goes about 1/3 inch behind the pins and if the carrier
    didn't go far enough back, some of the light to the condensor would be
    interrupted. Either this, or perhaps the notches on the original carrier
    might have been quite deep. I must look at it more closely, and do as
    you say with a cardboard template (I had thought of doing that before,
    too), and see if a negative strip placed in front of the pins will
    completely show. The trickiest thing will be the placement of the
    negative cutout ont he carrier to get it in the correct location. That
    is why I was hoping to find someone with this oddball enlarger to get
    the measurements of the carrier and the placement of the cut-out....

    Last night, I disassembled the condensor and cleaned years of grime and
    dust from it. It looks as though with a new carrier, it will be quite
    Actually, I won one there last night for $2.99. (plus 8 times that for
    shipping :) It is an old GAF roll film tank with a thermometer that
    doubles as an spin knob. That should do me for the first few films...


    Dave Hunter, Oct 28, 2007
  4. Dave Hunter

    Dave Hunter Guest

    Hi All:

    I am wondering if this carrier could be similar to an Omega D 35mm
    Two-Piece Negative Carrier. It, too appears to have indexing pins, but
    between the two pins, there is a half round of metal so that it covers
    the whole light cone to the condensor. I saw one on eBay this morning -
    alas, from the photo, I can't tell if it would be the correct distance
    between the pins. The shape does look as though it would work.

    Dave Hunter, Oct 28, 2007

  5. $3.99 for an apron tank:

    $20 for something similar to a Paterson tank, with two reels:

    Stainless steel tank with 2 35mm reels: ($24)

    Post on the local Freecycle list. I've been able to get more stainless
    steel tanks than most people would want (for me one is more than I want)
    that way. I prefer the Paterson plastic ones.

    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Oct 28, 2007
  6. Dave Hunter

    Dave Hunter Guest

    FYI - I may have found a carrier which will work. I only discovered one
    link for a Sabre enlarger on the net, a recent sale of a different Sabre
    model to a lady. I emailed her, asking for a photo of her carrier in the
    hopes a photo would help me to recreate one. Yes, she was willing, but
    she had an extra 35 mm carrier she was willing to part with. In a flurry
    of emails verifying measurements, etc. I have purchased it. It looks as
    though it will work with this machine, too. I will know of course for
    certain only when it arrives. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Dave Hunter, Oct 29, 2007
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