Need mid-level camera suggestions

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by rosenb37, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. rosenb37

    rosenb37 Guest

    OK, I am about to make my first digital purchase. I guess I want an
    SLR poseur because my next digital will be a Nikon SLR as I have
    lenses for it. Looking through ads and some other stuff, I've figured
    out that optical zoom is a high priority, so most of the ones I'm
    looking at have about 10x. My finances limit me to about 4mp. So far,
    it seems the Kodak 6490 is pretty good. But then there's the Olympus
    765 too. They both seem about equal in many ways. One is smaller than
    the other, which is attractive, but I want strong manual controls for
    those artsy shots, and I have the impression (wrongly so, perhaps)
    that the smaller the camera, the less manual controls it may have.

    I have visited some stores, from Best Buy to Ritz. I have to limit my
    purchases to these kinds of stores due to the financing they offer.
    Hence, I can't shop via mailorder.

    Other cameras I've checked are some Fujis (5100 nice, but doesn't seem
    as nice as the others?; the 3100 is almost a nice cheap compromise,
    being $100 cheaper than my limit with the others), a Minolta DiMage Z2
    (somehow, I don't recall this being as nice as the Kodak), the HP 945
    (high MP but I've been told this one is not as good as the others),
    Nikon 4800 (seems overrated compared to the others), and I think
    that's about it. I know there are a few more, such as the Kyocera
    M410R but I haven't seen it yet.

    I am curious what some of you would recommend and why? If you can give
    good reasons (rather than one like the guy at Best Buy who recommended
    the Canon S1 IS as being great and the lack of 4mp won't matter - BS!)
    this would be very helpful - thanks!

    rosenb37, Nov 28, 2004
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  2. rosenb37 wrote:
    Having seen some 8 x 10s from a 3.3MP Nikon Coolpix 990 recently I would
    ask why you consider the advice bad? If it fits your budget, the S1 IS is
    a nice little camera with good movies (if that matters) and an image
    stabilised zoom (which certainly /does/ matter if you want 10X zoom).

    David J Taylor, Nov 28, 2004
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  3. I just joined the group. Lots of good discussion here. I thought I'd chime
    in. I have a 3.1 MP Olympus C3020 and I have managed some good 8 x 10s off
    it as well. My experience when I went looking is that the resulting picture
    is a function of both the number of megapixels AND the camera's optics (with
    a small nod to the processor). I have seen 2.0 MP cameras that will blow
    the doors off some 5 MP cameras, simply due to optics. One of the best
    all-round cameras I've ever seen for point-and-shoot images is our old
    office Kodak DC280. Heavy, bulky, ate batteries etc and definitely not a
    modern digicam, but awesome saturation and VERY clear images for a 2.0 MP
    camera. It's a corollary to 35 mm film. A $10 point-and shoot and a $5,000
    SLR both use 35mm film, but the results vary a bit!

    Here's a good website for comparing cameras with a reasonably scientific
    approach to the comparison images. There are a LOT of cameras there:

    Click on the "compare sample images" option on the left side and go to it!

    Good luck.

    Reply by removing the obvious....
    Jeff Falkiner, Nov 29, 2004
  4. rosenb37

    rosenb37 Guest

    Hi, David, thanks for your response. To answer your question . . .
    despite me not really going to blow up any pics, I have a feeling that
    3.2 is going to be somewhat obsolete when it comes to selling the
    camera in the future. I know with 4.0, it will be a bigger selling
    point. In addition, I used to do some free-lance writing and if I get
    into the game again, I'd like to make sure my photos are of the
    highest possible quality without compromises. As I don't know how much
    a pic will need to be blown, I'd rather defer on the side of caution.
    I s'pose that I like to be slightly ahead of the curve with my
    purchases, and the S1 IS appears to be just current. But I'm a newbie,
    and I have to rely on the opinions of others to get the real skinny.

    A friend of mine, who takes a lot of car pictures, has the Olympus 770
    and swears by it, so that's one of the reasons why I am leaning in
    that direction. Aside of subjective issues like how it feels in my
    hand (not to mention my pocket), I am just interested in getting the
    best for my money.

    How important is image stabilization? What is it, exactly? What
    situations is it an asset? Is there a situation where it's not


    rosenb37, Nov 29, 2004
  5. rosenb37 wrote:
    I think that camera and in particular lens quality are more important than
    the absolute number of megapixels, and this should also reflect in the
    resale value (although resale value is typically very small in any case).

    IS reduces camera shake - and as you asked about a 10X zoom lens, I
    assumed that taking extreme telephotos was important to you. In lower
    than ideal lighting or if you shake the camera more than average (your
    hands are shaky or it's windy), IS will let you get sharper pictures. You
    don't need it if you use a tripod, however it can still be an advantage in
    less-than-ideal taking conditions. Having used a camera with IS, it is
    difficult to swap back to one without.

    David J Taylor, Nov 29, 2004
  6. rosenb37

    Luka Guest

    Canon a95 5mp-- 303.00 with excellent online store
    Luka, Nov 30, 2004
  7. rosenb37

    rosenb37 Guest

    Thanks, guys - I bought the Olympus 770. It was more than what I
    wanted to spend, but the NY stores had it for the same price as Best
    Buy's 765, so I got my mom to pay for it (airline miles, after all)
    and I can pay her in installments.

    Thanks again,

    rosenb37, Dec 2, 2004
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