Need Recommendations for Digital Cameras (point 'n shoot)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by jizhonghe, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. jizhonghe

    jizhonghe Guest

    I have a Canon A200 but the focusing mechanism is starting to fail
    just when the warrantee has expired. :(

    I used to own some Nikon and Canon SLRs, so I thought I made a good
    choice choosing Canon. So now I'm really disappointed with the quality
    of the plastic thing.

    What is your recommendation for some simple and rugged compact digital

    Here is the list of my preference:

    1) Fast action. My A200 was slow to react when you pressed the shutter
    button, probably the result of early symptom of the failing focus
    2) simple and rugged. I hate those flimsy zoom lens sticking out.
    3) Use AA battery
    4) Manual focus
    5) Lager than f2.8
    6) Unlimited video with sound
    7) >3M and <$200

    Let me know what you recommend. I did a little search on the web and
    could not find anything that fits all the criteria.

    jizhonghe, Dec 4, 2004
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  2. jizhonghe

    Fred Guest

    First, you might check the Yahoo groups for specific cameras. I have gotten
    some good help here, but 100 times more help there just because they are
    specific to the make.

    Now about my last camera... Olympus C700...

    For the first 2 years I had it, I really liked it for all of your reasons
    except #6 (and I never tried out the video mode).

    However, you may have seen my postings looking for help in fixing a power
    problem though... I would definitely NOT buy the C-700 or any of the others
    in this series that is based on the same chassis, as there is a common power
    circuit problem that seems to keep coming up. Not everyone is seeing this
    problem, but enough are to make me shy away from it.

    Another bad thing about Olympus is that they hired a bunch of WORTHLESS
    INDIAN tech supporters who really SUCK. Plus the company will not sell any
    repair documentation. Even the pro camera repair shops won't touch it. So
    you're pretty much restricted to sending it to the factory for a flat rate
    $150 or so repair job.

    But... and this is a big butt... you can't beat the Olympus' features and
    extremely high quality of the images, ease of use, manual/auto, etc.

    I will probably regret it, but I am looking for ANOTHER Olympus ... [a hush
    falls over the crowd]... only a later model with a different power circuit
    design. Can't help you with the model numbers yet - I haven't gotten that

    Probably not much help to you, but I just felt like doing some typing. B^)

    Fred, Dec 4, 2004
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  3. jizhonghe

    jizhonghe Guest

    I know I know. I might have asked for too much. But who doesn't? So
    let's just say I'm looking for something with as much of the features
    I wanted.

    F2.8 will not be on the top of my list. 3mps is very common nowadays.
    Minimum shutter lag is very high on my list. Ruggedness is also I as I
    really intend to abuse it. I could also spend a little more if have

    I'm looking at the minolta X31 which has quite a few features I asked
    for. But I don't know if they have good quality. I'm certainly very
    disappointed with Canon. Their old SLRs are like bricks.

    Too bad Nikon does not seem to be making any of the cameras that I'd
    like to have.

    jizhonghe, Dec 4, 2004
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