need some opinions on the Canon Optura 20

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by david, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. david

    david Guest

    I am going to purchase a DV cam sometime between now and Xmas. I was
    looking at 3 -
    Canon Optura 20
    Sony TRV 38
    Sony TRV 70

    Out of all, I like the Canon the best because of the ability to add
    lens and the manual focus on the front. Now I also read a few Con's
    about the Optura and wanted to know how damning these are :

    1) night shots are always blurry - now is this a feature with all
    night-shot camera, or just the Canon?
    2) Audible whine or hum from the audio - this is a huge sticking
    point. I am going to be making some shorts and I don't want this to
    be hindering my films.

    Besides that, I was looking on Ebay and saw a load of extras being
    offered at a price that was below the $899.00 that Best Buy wanted.
    The extras included : 2X telephoto, wide angle, tripod, carrying case,
    cleaner, firewire and card (in one particular case) etc,

    Now, in the opinion of those that have used it - is this camera going
    to be able to perform in the field? I want to buy the new JVC HD
    camera, but I am going to wait until the summer when the other
    consumer models come out and bring down the price. Having a camera
    that does Night Shots under $1000 is also a plus and the fact that the
    manual focus is where it is supposed to be help tremendously for focus

    Any opinions welcome. Thanks
    david, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. david

    david Guest

    david, Nov 3, 2003
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  3. david

    Kent Clarke Guest

    Maybe try your question in This group is more for production
    issues than a consumer guide.
    When a buyer review starts out, "I bought my first camcorder because my
    wife was having a baby..." consider that the buyer may know more about
    making babies than video.
    For its "night shot" Canon just lowers the shutter speed to the point
    where you need a tripod to hold it steady. Any camera makes blurry
    images if you jiggle it. Sony uses a different method that produces
    green and black "night shots" that are always blurry.

    This is designed to make you buy a good external mic. :)
    They all make noise, some worse than others.
    Maybe Ebay is not the best place for someone new to the hobby.
    I'm sure any of the three would be fine for your purposes.
    Kent Clarke, Nov 11, 2003
    David Ruether, Nov 11, 2003
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