Need some opinions (This time with links!)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by EOS 1000F, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. EOS 1000F

    EOS 1000F Guest

    I need some opinions on my photography. ;) You'll see what I'm into when you
    click the links. Honest opinions only please. Don't hold back. Are these any
    good, or do I need to get back to the drawing board? Also, these pics were
    taken with an old EOS 1000F SLR and these are the scans of the
    prints...'not scans of negatives, so how do you rate the quality of them.
    The scanner used was a low-end Canon desktop model and the images scanned at
    200DPI. All opinions most welcome.

    'Original' pic first :-
    EOS 1000F, Jul 17, 2004
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  2. EOS 1000F

    Rob Novak Guest

    Before the gimmickry, concentrate on getting a good image to start
    with. The pose is good - a nice "kid" shot. However, the shirt is
    overexposed, and the composition needs some work. Also, I don't know
    if it's the print or the scanner, but the colors are all very washed
    out and the focus is soft.

    Try not to put your subjects dead-center in the frame. You've done a
    pretty good job of "filling the frame", but it's still a very
    "snap-shotty" picture. I would have recomposed and either put the
    subject off to the right with the roses as a background, or off to the
    left and used the lines and textures of the gate. Right now, the
    frame's divided into three equal parts, all vying for attention.
    Alternately, I would have composed vertically (it's called "portrait"
    aspect for a reason), and framed tighter.

    The strong light from the right has overexposed the clothing, but left
    the face in partial shadow. A faster shutter and fill flash may have
    proven beneficial. By looking at the original, it seems that you had
    to lighten the whole image, due to the washed out appearance and
    overall low contrast.
    Rob Novak, Jul 18, 2004
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  3. EOS 1000F

    Hunt Guest

    Along with agreement with the above poster, I'd also like to have seen the
    background thrown more out of focus. Even with the colorization effects (both
    color and B/W), I found it too much of a distraction. Easiest way to
    accomplish this is with longer lens and wider aperture. I don't know your
    camera (being a Nikon, Hassleblad, Sinar kinda' guy), but doesn't the EOS line
    use Canon lenses? If so, you should have something about 135mm (35m eq) in the
    bag, and shoot it closer to wide open. You have to focus more critically, but
    then the background won't catch the eye so much. Next best choice would be to
    do a Gaussian Blur on background, when you colorize the image.

    Hunt, Jul 26, 2004
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