Nero & H.264/AVC

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Does anybody know when Nero is set to get the H.264/AVC encoder which
    they announced would be coming a few months ago?

    If I bought Nero now would I have to pay extra to get the AVC encoder
    when it is added?


    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

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    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 19, 2004
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  2. Just out of curiosity, what do you need H.264 in Nero for? H.264 will
    not change the standard for how video is produced on a DVD or how it
    currently plays on a DVD player. Other than to possibly eliminate a step
    in transcoding? Do you have a source file that's H.264 and your trying
    to eliminate a step when making a video DVD?

    Several H.264 players are appearing on the market now, but it's still a
    data file and you'll be able to play those no matter if Nero supports it
    or not.

    Just wondering?

    Richard Ragon, Nov 19, 2004
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  3. DAB sounds worse than FM

    Ken Maltby Guest

    The OP was asking about the availability of an Encoder, so
    the point of your post - is?

    Ken Maltby, Nov 19, 2004

  4. To compress MPEG-2 files recorded off DVB-T, and also I just want to see
    how well it performs. If you look at Figure 5 of this article: (544 KB)

    H.264 (it's marked as H.26L, which was H.264's old name, I think)
    significantly outperforms MPEG-4 ASP.

    I also want Nero for its AAC and HE AAC encoders, but I don't want to
    buy it until I know I'm going to get the H.264 encoder.

    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

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    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 20, 2004
  5. That's why I marked it as.. "Just our of curiosity". Sometimes we get
    people in here asking questions that don't know what they are talking
    about.. or worse yet "someone" told him that he needs

    If we can ascertain what he's trying to achieve, perhaps we can help him
    to achieve that goal provided we know more about what he's trying to do.

    Richard Ragon, Nov 21, 2004

  6. It's best not to assume that people don't know what they're talking

    In the case of H.264/AVC, then that "someone" would probably be correct
    to recommend it, because by all accounts (research papers, articles,
    etc) it's a shithot codec.

    Re-reading my original post, I don't think there was any ambiguity with
    regards to what I would like information on.

    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

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    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 21, 2004
  7. Yes, Hince the reason why I asked.. Way to many people in this group
    keep assuming things!

    Yes, it looks like the shithot codec, but it doesn't change anything
    when were talking about a software such as Nero that makes standardized
    disk. For example, H.264 has absolutely no bering on making a standard

    The entire H.264 standard and where or what it's going to be used on, if
    any standard disk making AT ALL is still up in the air.

    With that being said, H.264 looks like a great way to archive your
    videos, even if it's never used in new standard disc. With lossless
    encoding, and scalabilites.. looks to be HOT no doubt. I'm looking
    forward to it.

    Richard Ragon, Nov 21, 2004

  8. No, I said don't assume people DON'T know what they're talking about.
    You just assumed that I didn't know what I was talking about, and that
    is extremely patronising.

    I didn't ask *anything* about DVDs.

    "AppleĀ® today announced that the DVD Forum has ratified the H.264
    Advanced Video Codec (AVC) to be included in the next generation High
    Definition (HD) DVD format."

    "The steering committee of the DVD Forum standards group, which is
    overseeing the development of HD DVD technology, has mandated the
    inclusion of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC codecs in addition to VC-9 (VC-1)."

    Lossless encoding??? What are you on about?

    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

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    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 21, 2004
  9. I didn't assume. Hence the reason why I asked the "secondary question",
    to clarify what they wanted to do with H.264.

    What else would you Nero for then other then to build a disk?

    That's nice and everything, but again.. There are multiple standards
    being thought up right now for the next generation of DVD's.. HD DVD is
    just one. Like I said, it may or may not ever make it to the market,
    and even it did make it to the market, the real test would be if
    consumers accepted it.

    For a better description of what lossless means, check out wikipedia.

    Richard Ragon, Nov 23, 2004

  10. I want Nero to be able to encode MPEG-2 files recorded off digital TV to
    a higher compression rate format, which is why I want H.264, and I've
    tried Nero with MPEG-4, and it's a very quick encoder.

    I don't want to write a DVD, because I view recorded material on my PC
    at the moment.

    Don't assume that everybody wants to do exactly the same thing as you do
    with Nero.

    There's HD DVD and Blu Ray. Name another > 15 GB disc format.

    No, H.264 WILL make it to the market. You really don't seem to have a
    clue about H.264, because it's one of the 2 codecs that will replace
    MPEG-2 (the other being WMV). When you don't have a clue about something
    then it's best not to dig yourself a hole, which you seem to be doing at
    the moment.

    Have a read of this:

    I don't know where in the world you're from, but in Europe, all digital
    TV transmissions use DVB systems, so the DVB approving H.264/AVC is as
    good as them saying that this is the codec that'll likely be used for
    what you watch in the future. In Europe at least.

    In Europe, we don't have HDTV transmissions like there is in the US,
    Australia or Japan, so the European broadcasters are free to choose
    which codec they use, because we'll all need new set-top boxes to
    receive HDTV. Which would you choose? MPEG-2, or H.264, when H.264
    requires about 2 - 2.5 times less bandwidth than MPEG-2 for a given
    level of picture quality? AVC isn't called Advanced Video Coding for

    Consumers won't even know that it's being used when they watch HDTV / HD

    Here you go again, you're assuming I don't know what lossless encoding
    means. I know exactly what lossless encoding means.

    But you said that H.264 uses lossless encoding. It doesn't.

    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

    Find the cheapest MP3 player, Freeview and DAB prices:
    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 23, 2004
  11. There are currently 5+, with several more formats on the way. HD DVD,
    Blu Ray, WMV HD, EVD, and FVD. Pioneer is also working on a 500 GB disk
    format, no name for it yet.


    We were talking about HD DVD formats, and what may or may not make it to
    the market is the DVD players.. your responce is "No, H.264 WILL
    make.." I think that your a little confused between the Standard of HD
    DVD's, and the CODECS.

    One has to assume a certain amount when talking to people like you. Your
    communication skills are somewhat lacking.. shall we say.

    Richard Ragon, Nov 24, 2004

  12. Er, nah. That's just WMV being used to encode HD:

    You're right. I'm surprised.

    You're right. I'm very surprised.

    You said:

    "Like I said, it may or may not ever make it to the market"

    The "market" is DVDs, broadcast receivers, home PCs, mobile phones, etc

    I'm not at all confused about any of this.

    Say whatever you like, but if my communication skills were as bad as you
    try to make out then I wouldn't have the qualifications that I do have.

    Steve - - Digital Radio News & Info

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    DAB sounds worse than FM, Nov 25, 2004
  13. DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:

    Yes, and what HD DVD player actually makes it too the market, is still
    actually iffy at best!

    Yes, I believe that H.264 is out on the market, and will do great as a
    standard used in multiple ways. And, even if it's NOT used in the latest
    round of next generation of DVD players, it's still an awesome viable CODEC.

    Personally I'm for HD DVD (with H.264), and getting Microsoft's CODEC
    out of the new standards.

    I own my own multimedia company ( where I do
    editing, post production, and motion graphics in Hollywood. I've worked
    on multiple films editing and visual effects. I'm also Apple certified
    in Final Cut Pro HD, and I teach at 2 Colleges where I have classes in
    editing, motion graphics, and digital workflow.

    What are your qualifications?

    Richard Ragon, Nov 27, 2004
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