Nero non-compliant VCD, TMPGEnc won't open but AVIcodec says okay??

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by RSWilson, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. RSWilson

    RSWilson Guest

    I've again really gone and googled for this and am coming to the group
    as a last resort <sigh>. I can't get a handle on this problem. It's
    happened before, so would like to learn how to deal with this.

    I have an mpg file that both G-SPOT and AVIcodec say are okay, i.e.,
    that I seem to have the codecs for. I have pretty much everything
    installed from the K-Lite MEGA Codec Pack, so it's always strange when
    I get this error.

    Nero gives me the non-compliant message when I drag'n'drop this mpg
    into it:
    "The video file ... is not Video CD compliant.
    The video will be re-encoded to Video CD format before burning."

    Since I'm often dealing with gifts to family of music videos, TV eps
    and trailers so I'm usually making at least two copies of these VCDs,
    I like to fix everything with TMPGEnc instead of Nero. If I don't do
    that Nero has to go through that re-encoding delay, every single time
    I burn with Nero. With some of the higher quality mpgs, that can be
    several hours! TMPGEnc re-encodes once, when it can, and the file is
    always ready to go after that.

    But what do we do when we have a file that says MPEG-1 VCD in AVIcodec
    and G-SPOT says DirectShow should play this just fine (and the vid
    _does_ play), but Nero wants to re-encode it?

    Thanks. Grateful still-newbie here <g>.
    RSWilson, Sep 16, 2004
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  2. RSWilson

    Ken Maltby Guest

    You say the video is MPEG-1 VCD (480x480?) (Bitrate?)
    what is the audio format & sample rate?

    Ken Maltby, Sep 16, 2004
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  3. RSWilson

    Bariloche Guest

    When Nero tells you the mpeg is not VCD compliant, it doesn't mean
    anything about the codecs. The codecs are what you use to play the
    ..mpg files. Nero doesn't care wether you have the codecs or not -you
    may just as well don't have them, and Nero would still make a VCD from
    your mpeg files.

    What Nero is telling you is that the .mpg files you provide disagree
    with the VCD standard:

    Audio: 44100 Hz MPEG-1 Layer2 at several bitrates.
    Video: CBR 1150 kbps, 352x240 (NTSC / 288 for PAL), mpeg-1 encoded, at
    29,97 or 23,976 fps (NTSC / 25 for PAL).

    You can tell Nero not to reencode, and accept the mpegs as given, and
    then Nero shall creat a non-standard VCD without reencoding. This VCD
    may work -or not, depending on player, and on how much and in which
    way your mpegs differed from the standard. Orherwise, you let Nero
    reencode to make the mpegs fully compliant with the VCD

    Mpegs can be any resolution, any bitrate, any fps... But VCD imposes
    the above restrictions. Any desktop player that supports VCD is
    guaranteed to play 1150 kbps video, etc. If your VCD is, say 1300
    kbps, that player can well play it also -but you shall not know until
    you try.
    Bariloche, Sep 16, 2004
  4. RSWilson

    Mike Richter Guest

    Please check the CD-R FAQ for details on this; there is some information
    in the primer at my WWW site, but I recommend the more detailed data in
    the FAQ.

    In order to be written as a VCD, the source file must have specific
    parameters and be in MPEG1 format. Prima facie, the AVI is not MPEG1, so
    must be rendered. Many MPEGs which are perfectly legitimate and which
    play just fine as MPEGs do not comply with the VCD requirements and must
    be rendered for compliance to make such a disc.

    Your choice is simple: Render your material to the right format
    initially or put up with rendering a second time.

    Mike Richter, Sep 17, 2004
  5. RSWilson

    smh Guest

    .. --------------------------------------
    Mike Richter, were you born with
    "Scam Artist" emblazoned on your face?
    (Mike Richter, any Material Connection w/ Roxio?)

    ( No Pipsqueaks have been able to prove ANY of the above is a LIBEL )
    ( -- despite Mikey claimed to have proof of misquotes !! )

    smh, Sep 17, 2004
  6. RSWilson

    RSWilson Guest

    Thanks, Ken. I don't know this information but will learn how to get
    it. Thanks for pointing it out that I need this.

    p.s., I ended up re-rendering using EO-Video as it did accept the
    file. Go figure. I'm still new at this, but one day I'll know the
    ins and outs better.

    RSWilson, Sep 18, 2004
  7. RSWilson

    RSWilson Guest

    Will do. Though my head is spinning. I've read and read and read so
    much that it's hard to take it all in. <g> I'll understand better as
    I go along, of course. It's just to get a bit of guidance at the
    beginning to I go in the right direction <g>.

    p.s., EO-Video did accept the file so was able to convert it to a
    VCD-compliant vid. I now know that when TMPGEnc won't accept it to
    try EO.
    No, never will I put up with rendering each time with Nero. That is
    grossly inefficient. But luckily for me, as I said, EO did accept the
    file and I created a VCD-ready file once the first time around.

    RSWilson, Sep 18, 2004
  8. RSWilson

    RSWilson Guest

    Thank you!
    RSWilson, Sep 18, 2004
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