New Canons (A510-520) vs. Old (A75-85)

Discussion in 'Canon' started by OughtFour, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. OughtFour

    OughtFour Guest

    Canon has just replaced the entry-level A75 I've been considering with the

    The review at finds dome solid improvements, including
    more compact feel, a 4x optical zoom, and better manual focus, but the
    reviewer flags redeye and poor focus in low light as two areas in which the
    A510 and 520 are worse than their A75/85 predecessors. (The reviewer, Jeff
    Keller, says, "To be fair, most of the competition has the same problems,
    but since the old models didn't have these problems, I'm going to knock
    Canon for it.")

    These are likely to be important differences for me, so I am wondering if
    anyone here has any direct experience with the new Canons and can comment on
    either (1) redeye or (2) low-light focusing.

    I hope these cameras are not too "low level" for this discussion--hey,
    you've got to start somewhere!

    Thanks for any comments--please reply to the newsgroup.
    OughtFour, Mar 9, 2005
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