New family-friendly photography website

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Stanley Hunt, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Stanley Hunt

    Stanley Hunt Guest

    New family-friendly photography website:

    Any comments or suggestions as to site additions and improvements?
    Please be (brutally) honest.
    We really want this to be a place where everyone can learn and become better
    at photography.

    Please note that the external forums require seperate registration for being
    able to post.
    These forums will eventually be replaced by internal / integrated ones.
    We'll also have "communities" in about a week.

    Thank you.

    webmaster at TopRatedPhotos.Com Inc.
    Stanley Hunt, Jun 6, 2008
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  2. Stanley Hunt

    The One Guest

    The One, Jun 6, 2008
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  3. Stanley Hunt

    Peter Guest

    Good luck with your project
    Peter, Jun 6, 2008
  4. Stanley Hunt

    Stanley Hunt Guest

    Thanks Peter.

    Stanley Hunt, Jun 7, 2008
  5. Stanley Hunt

    Burt Johnson Guest

    I haven't gone past your initial page yet, but the images on that page
    are VERY nice. I'd be proud to have any of them in my portfolio.

    Looking forward to seeing more work like this.
    Burt Johnson, Jun 11, 2008
  6. Stanley Hunt

    Mark Thomas Guest



    I wish you good luck too, but I'm afraid I have a thing about 'honesty'
    in photography - where is the bit that clearly identifies ps montages?
    F'rinstance, I refer to the No. 1 image, which is quite nice at first
    glance, but has a rather poorly pasted-on sky (note where the sky meets
    the bushes...) and the 'perfectly' rippled reflecting water.

    I don't have any problem with such manipulation for the sake of creating
    artistic works, but on a caring and sharing website where others may be
    trying to emulate images or learn how to get the light just right..., I
    think you and your contributors need to be upfront about how images come
    into being.

    If it is all genuine then I will humbly apologise, but I find it most
    puzzling how the lighthouse appears to be naturally sunlit from high
    left, yet the clouds appear to indicate the sun is at low right..., and
    then the water level is a worry - I hope that is high tide - one wave
    and that building would be under... (Yes, I'm a spoilsport!)

    These sort of images do look very cool and interesting, but that is
    often because the lighting cannot exist in reality.

    I'm sure others will disagree, but I believe the means and the end are
    *both* important...

    PS - I'm sure others will also really like the fact that you have
    disabled the right mouse button, but I do not. It does not prevent
    image copying and removes a lot of other functionality - I would not
    return for that reason alone.
    Mark Thomas, Jun 11, 2008
  7. Stanley Hunt

    tony cooper Guest

    It seems that "Stanley Hunt" is linking to a site that hosts
    photographs by several people, not to his own images. Note the
    photographer of #1 is DMD Photography, and #2 is by S. Cowles

    Stanley may not know if the photos have been manipulated.
    tony cooper, Jun 11, 2008
  8. Stanley Hunt

    Stanley Hunt Guest

    Thanks for the input.

    There have been images that are the result of 'artistic' manipulation. As
    this is a site where members can learn from each other, photos will
    routinely be judged, enhanced and reuploaded. Most of the changes will
    probably be ones of cropping, brightness, contrast, etc. It will be up to
    our members to pick up on such details and rate accordingly.

    I do like the idea of an optional indicator for montage-based works. Honest
    photographers who do such images would be proud to state they were montages.

    As for the whole right-click thing, it is but one layer of security. We will
    eventually have pages designed to allow easy copying of images, including
    the use of the right mouse button. These areas will allow members to improve
    each others photos and better learn from each other.

    I do have a request of you. It may seem like an odd request, but here goes.
    Could you please go to the main page of the site, try to copy the main image
    and then view said copy. I'd really like your opinion on how secure you feel
    the photos are and should be.

    Stanley Hunt, Jun 11, 2008
  9. Stanley Hunt

    Stanley Hunt Guest

    Thanks for the praise, although none of those photos are mine.
    What you see are the top 10 photos (as rated by our members).
    Hopefully such images will help to teach and inspire others.

    Stanley Hunt, Jun 11, 2008
  10. Stanley Hunt

    Stanley Hunt Guest

    Actually, I was aware of a few montage-based images. This is a learning
    site, so photos will be rated, enhanced and reuploaded on a regular basis.
    The lighthouse by D&D Photography may be a montage, but it's a rather good

    One idea is an optional indicator for such works. I'll have to think about
    that one.

    Stanley Hunt, Jun 11, 2008
  11. Stanley Hunt

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Those types of changes are quite different from montages. Back in the
    film days, just choosing different film or exposure woudl achieve those
    things. It is more about whether a scene actually existed (or in some
    cases, whether it ever could have existed!)..
    Unfortunately, some photographers are so hooked on praise/ratings, they
    will try to pass off montages as real, implying they waited hours for
    that special light, that special sky, or used masterful exposure
    techniques when they simply cut and pasted... I'm not saying that
    applies here, but I've seen other similar sites where 'brawls' break out
    over such matters... It's a lot better to keep it all out in the open
    right from the start.
    Wasting your time. Most users know that you can just PrtScr and paste,
    or view source, or disable JS, or... Get over it. Once the image
    appears on a screen, it is already copied to cache, and is trivially
    easy to copy anyway.

    You asked me to do something below - so do this for me - right click on
    a web image and a text area on a non-protected page (just about any page
    will do, except yours), and note down just how many things can be done
    *apart* from copying. Some people actually use those functions, ya know...

    Keep the images under about 1000 pixels, and they will only be useful
    for web use or tiny prints.
    Got that right... (O:
    I'm afraid I don't get it. You have disabled the right click, so I take
    the simplest solution (of many) which is to just make sure the image is
    entirely visible, press PrtScr to copy it, then Paste it into anything
    that will accept images. So OK, I am now viewing said copy and it looks
    exactly the same as it did on your front page... Was something magic
    supposed to happen?
    Completely unsecure, *as any viewable image on the web is*, whether you
    disable right clicks or not.
    Doesn't matter what they 'should be', because you can't protect them in
    any useful way except by keeping the size down. Like I said, get over
    it. Keep the images reasonably small if you are so petrified of having
    them stolen, but more importantly ask yourself what are you worried
    about exactly? The web sized images are no real use for large prints.

    There are plenty of lengthy discussions on this topic, but try here for
    a nice summary:

    It's your choice.
    Mark Thomas, Jun 11, 2008
  12. Stanley Hunt

    Ofnuts Guest

    Stanley Hunt wrote:
    ach others photos and better learn from each other.
    With both Firefox and Seamonkey: Tools/Page Info, "Media" tab, scroll
    list until image appears, "Save as"... and lo and behold,
    ends up on my disk, 2 seconds tops (same for the larger version in the
    other page). Big padlock on the door, but you left the windows open, and
    anyway there is no roof.

    Using pictures as a background image is an old trick(**)... you can
    also try to scramble the URL and decode it in JScript... but it won't
    resist the "Page info" acid test.

    (*) Opera may have something equivalent.

    (**) the really better trick is to have a transparent <img> over that
    background. No need to disable the right click... trying to save the
    image will save the transparent one.
    Ofnuts, Jun 12, 2008
  13. Stanley Hunt

    Jumping Arne Guest

    Went to the web site, dragged the picture, noticed there was "protect"
    overlay, clicked on page info, looked at the list of pictures, took the
    largest, downloaded, done ... 4-5 seconds perhaps.

    Jumping Arne, Jun 12, 2008
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