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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by David Kilpatrick, May 27, 2004.

  1. For anyone interested, we have just published the first edition - Vol 1
    No 1 - of Konica Minolta Photoworld, a new quarterly to replace the
    former Minolta Image. It's going to be £19.95 a year with a website,
    forum and stuff behind it but at present it's still £14.95 on any old
    Minolta Club application forms or via our un-amended, hopelessly muddled
    website (very soon to be replaced).

    In June, we publish the first edition of 'f2' magazine which is about as
    close as possible to the 1997 'Photon' digital editions in size and
    approach - seven years in the wilderness trying to balance what various
    reader groups wanted/hated, and we have finally ended up with what we
    started with - a serious mix of digital and conventional, fine art and
    practical (freelance/publishing/exhibiting/competing biased) stuff. This
    is £24.95 six issues a year. Again, the current website is out of tune
    with itself - some information is correct - but the price there is £25
    and any subs received will get seven issues.

    I intend to try to get binders organised for these new titles as it's
    something readers have been complaining about since we stopped doing so
    in 1994 (the damn things take up HUGE amounts of space).

    David Kilpatrick
    Publisher/editor (of both)
    David Kilpatrick, May 27, 2004
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  2. David,

    Thank you for this information. However, I don't think I can be the only
    subscriber who gets confused by the frequent changes in title. I may
    well be interested in expanding my subscription to Freelance
    Photographer to include the digital magazine, but I lose the will to
    live trying to keep track of which magazine is which, and what their
    titles are this year.

    BTW, please don't take this the wrong way, I like the magazine(s) and
    recommend them to any keen photographer - as I have done several times
    in NGs.

    As for binders, I mostly gave up on putting the majority of my (rather
    large) collection of magazines in binders; for most I prefer to use the
    plastic slot-in type commonly available in stationers. The main reason
    for this is that the "proper" ones with metal rods are inefficient on
    space: the spine is usually 50% wider than the magazines. (Yes, I know
    you can cut down the inefficiency by alternating them on the shelf, but
    this only halves the loss.)
    David Littlewood, May 28, 2004
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  3. David Littlewood wrote:

    When we had binders done they were custom made slim ones and quite neat,
    with cords not rods, and they held two years or more at a time. I shall
    investigate the options anyway.

    There is no option to expand Freelance to include the digital mag... in
    brief, the Master Photographers Association decided there was too much
    equipment and technique in 'their' magazine (which they paid for at half
    the rate of a normal subscription, with half the number of readers to
    make it viable). They also disliked the way that the 'digital' issues
    attracted twice as much advertising, had far more content, and appeared
    to make digital seem more important than photography per se. We made a
    compromise first by boosting the size of the non-digital editions by
    adding 32 pages from Freelance, reprinted free of charge, but they
    didn't like or understand the content - if the pictures were good, they
    outclassed professional work and that's not acceptable; if they were not
    good (in the professional eye) that was equally unacceptable. Essential
    what the pro studio portrait photographer wants to see if work just like
    his/hers but a little different, or better, or comparable but with some
    commercial lesson to be had from its success.

    In the meantime, I had acquired almost 1000 outside readers for the
    digital magazine, who were not going to be happy seeing it disappear.

    The Bureau of Freelance Photographers, who got involved with Freelance
    when I launched it by pointing out that they sort of had a claim on the
    name - we disagreed but I said 'OK, let's just work together' - were 100
    per cent happy with a name change, and with the digital content coming
    into Freelance. They said that more than half their members were now
    shooting digital, all the clients were insisting on digital, the
    libraries had all gone digital and in the five years since Freelance
    launched, the world had changed.

    We should change with it and so we have - f2 is 'Freelance+Digital' as a
    strapline, but really, it will be an all-round mag aimed at anyone
    working towards publication, stock sales, exhibition, print selling,
    award and contest entry, or just aspiring to that general field. My 1000
    digital readers have been transferred to f2, MPA gets their rather
    slimmer monthly with just their own stuff and their own news, and my
    creative efforts will be concentrated on the title I own - f2 - and not
    the title which takes most of my time - MPA. The other way round is
    suicide. f2 is going to be the best thing I've done, I hope, though some
    of the early 1990s flash will never be recovered. Duotone varnished
    pages on matt stock... cut outs on the page for photo frames... 4-page
    gatefold panoramas... all that took some BIG help from the industry,
    often volunteered just to see things done well. That money goes on
    websites and not print these days, but I still love print; I just like
    the result. I wish we could do the extreme quality stuff again and maybe
    one day it will come back.

    And, seriously, I never see the sort of immaculate sets of fine art
    prints which make me say 'this must be high end duotone scanned and spot

    David Kilpatrick, May 28, 2004
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