New Nikon Lens?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by default, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. It's false all right, but I don't think he does know it. "Rita" has been
    making exactly the same claim repeatedly for a long time and apparently
    believes it.

    Even at 28mm (equiv.) with my Minolta A200 I've found anti-shake very
    useful -- it let me make poor-light hand-held shots at 1/8 with good
    sharpness that I know I couldn't have gotten without it. And I've mentoned
    this a couple of times to "Rita" too, but it's had no noticeable effect on
    his belief system.

    Neil Harrington, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. The original 18-55 does have a rotating front component. Dunno about the new
    VR lens though. It's evidently an entirely different optical design -- it
    has 11 elements as opposed to 7 in the original 18-55. Also it's heavier,
    physically larger and takes a different lens hood. I'm a bit doubtful as to
    whether the photo actually shows the new VR lens. It looks too much like the
    original 18-55.
    Yes, and I presume that is how the new lens will be sold for the most part.

    Kit lenses are also available separately, of course.

    Neil Harrington, Nov 22, 2007
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  3. default

    per Guest

    per, Dec 13, 2007
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