New Nikon Lenses:

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by frederick, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. frederick

    frederick Guest

    PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED Tilt/Shift lens €1829 (it wasn't ever going
    to be cheap)
    Also PC-E Micro Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D ED and a PC-E Micro Nikkor 85mm
    f/2.8D ED coming in mid- 2008.

    AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED lens €519
    IF / Nanon crystal coating.

    AF-S DX Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR €599
    VRII. To be offered as kit with D300.
    frederick, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. Source?

    Rita Berkowitz, Jan 28, 2008
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  3. frederick

    flambe Guest

    VR on a 16-85mm lens with 5.6 at the long end.
    What is this world coming to?
    You are going to need anabolic steroids just to be able to carry a dSLR lens
    and camera around . . .
    flambe, Jan 28, 2008
  4. frederick

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Like most VR lenses there is a switch to shut off the VR function if
    you wish. The choice of the users of the new 16-85mm is up to them.
    "What is this world coming to?" the user is given a choice of using
    the latest technical achievements or not! Are you serious?
    Could you imagine Nikon offering a 16-85mm lens without VR? And then
    coming out with a VR version months later?
    Frank Arthur, Jan 28, 2008
  5. frederick

    Paul Furman Guest

    Cool. I guess "PC-E" means tilt/shift versus the old mostly shift only
    PC lenses. There is a PC Micro 85/2.8D tilt/shift; the only difference
    is it's not ED (extra low dispersion?).
    Paul Furman, Jan 28, 2008
  6. frederick

    Guest Guest

    someone on dpreview supposedly has the leaked press releases of what's
    to be announced this week. the 16-85vr leaked a month ago with photos
    of the lens. also due is a d60 camera replacing the d40x.
    Guest, Jan 28, 2008
  7. frederick

    frederick Guest

    Some Nikon sites have had the D60 listed but no details.
    It seems logical. A "D60" with live view / sensor shake, at Canon 450d
    price seems a reasonable move for now. I suppose, as things go, Nikon
    might hold back on an updated D80 until sales for the D300 slow.

    The lenses - will have to wait and see. None are of interest to me.
    The 16-85 VR seems to be a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, but
    as a kit lens for users new to Nikon DX, is probably pretty appealing.
    16mm on Nikon DX 1:1.5 crop (~24mm) is significantly wider than 18mm on
    Canon 1:1.6 crop (~29mm), and that could be a good selling point.
    frederick, Jan 28, 2008
  8. frederick

    Guest Guest

    absolutely. the d300 just started shipping and releasing a 'd90' would
    adversely impact its sales. it was almost a year between the d200 and
    d80, and i'd expect a d80 replacement later in the year.
    the 16-85vr is a nice replacement for the 18-70, and it competes with
    canon's 17-85is. it's a little wider than nikon's 18-55/70/135/200 kit
    lenses; it's the 24-120 for dx (actually almost 130). priced right, it
    will be very popular.
    Guest, Jan 29, 2008
  9. frederick

    frederick Guest

    Here's a photo of it:

    Noted (with irony) that according to exif data, the publicity shot was
    taken with a phase one P25.
    frederick, Jan 29, 2008
  10. frederick

    TH O Guest

    There's been a lot of rumors about lenses. Assuming the above list is
    correct, why would Nikon waste design resource on tilt-shift lenses
    which make few sales when nearly all of their sub-100mm lenses require
    redesigns with AF-S for all (and VR for some)? With limited engineering
    resources, it doesn't make sense that they would focus on the tilt-shift
    TH O, Jan 29, 2008
  11. frederick

    Guest Guest

    it's correct:

    perhaps the tilt/shift lenses sell more than you think. also, their
    sub-100mm lenses don't need to be redesigned. they already focus
    fairly fast and afs only adds compatibility with the d40/d40x/d60.
    buyers of those cameras aren't overly interested in fixed focal length
    Guest, Jan 29, 2008
  12. frederick

    Paul Furman Guest

    The pro market doing advertising product shots with a D3 where they
    don't like to see products distorted and need to control DOF doing
    closeups. These are probably exceptional lenses too, the current 85mm
    t/s is nice: super sharp, low CA, soft OOF highlights.
    Paul Furman, Jan 29, 2008
  13. frederick wrote:

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site
    owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

    David J Taylor, Jan 29, 2008
  14. frederick

    Tony Polson Guest

    There's a whole market for a range of tilt-shift lenses that is
    presently supplied only by Canon, because of the selection of focal
    lengths that only Canon offers in its TX-E range.

    It is no coincidence that Nikon's new PC-E range offers the same focal
    lengths as Canon's TX-E. Together with the introduction of the D3
    DSLR, it means that the TS-E users who had no alternative to buying
    Canon gear can now choose Nikon.

    The engineering resources required to develop AF-S versions of the
    sub-100mm Nikkors are not huge.
    Tony Polson, Jan 29, 2008
  15. That's _TS-E_.
    Yep. And it looks as though Nikon may have been _very_ smart with their 24mm
    tilt/shift lens: the Canon 24mm TS-E is a somewhat iffy lens, having CA and
    less than stellar sharpness even though it's nominally an "L" lens, thanks
    to a single fancy element. The new Nikon lens uses three* fancy elements and
    is a physically larger lens (77 mm vs. 72 mm filter size, much longer, and
    730 gm vs. 570 gm). Of course, a 5D + 24 TS-E is a somewhat reasonably sized
    package, whereas a 3D + 24 PC-E isn't.

    *: Oops. That's _SIX_ fancy elements. Three fancy glass, three aspherics.
    Wow. Nikon's pulling out all the stops. (I'm writing off the "nano crystal
    coat" bit as advertising BS. Seven if it's not.) Canon needs to come up with
    a 24 TS-E "II". Fast.

    (The Nikon lens has more tilt than the Canon, but I've never run into a
    problem with the Canon lens. In fact, the best advice I read while trying to
    figure out how to use it was "a little tilt goes a long way".)
    Yep, agreed there.

    David J. Littleboy
    Tokyo, Japan
    David J. Littleboy, Jan 29, 2008
  16. frederick

    Tony Polson Guest

    (sorry, all Canon references should be to TS-E)
    Tony Polson, Jan 29, 2008
  17. frederick

    Dag Guest

    And even if they don't sell in huge amounts, they are the type of lenses
    that can sell camera systems. If I was seriously in the need of a tilt
    shift lens Nikon all of a sudden became a very attractive brand. So
    I'll buy a Nikon D3 instead of a Canon and the tilt lens. Now that I
    have my D3 I'll probably want a few other lenses for it as well. So
    even if Nikon didn't make any money off of selling me a tilt/shift lens,
    they certainly made money off of me buying a D3 and a bunch of other
    lenses for it.

    Dag, Jan 30, 2008
  18. frederick

    TH O Guest

    I wish they would get to it then. I'm tired of reading about posts in
    forums explaining what lenses work with the D40 and D40x. These
    limitations are making Canon's FD>EOS mount change into a good decision
    after all.
    TH O, Feb 1, 2008
  19. frederick

    Paul Furman Guest

    Mostly it's just pointless usenet noise, in the real world very few
    entry level users have any desire for prime lenses, if they really want,
    there's Sigma, if that's not good enough there's some exquisite f/2.8
    wide zooms available but really, anyone headed that direction should get
    at least a D80 or go Pentax, Sony or Canon. It's a small number, the
    point of the D40 is to be small and inexpensive for the mass market.
    Paul Furman, Feb 1, 2008
  20. frederick

    TH O Guest

    I'd look at it another way - there may be more D40s/D40xs/D60 sold each
    year than other Nikon bodies combined. Their users aren't receiving the
    full Nikon experience. Some of them will progress to becoming more
    advanced and then the confusion begins because Nikon can't get their act
    together and create a full af-s lineup. Every one of us began as a
    beginner at some point before advancing.
    TH O, Feb 1, 2008
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