new patent--portable alluminum alloy ladder-3kgs only

Discussion in 'Photography' started by roamer, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. roamer

    roamer Guest

    Have you imagined a portable ladder as light as a notebook P.C.?Take
    it with you to anyway and put it down and step on it to take photos
    immediately,adjust the height freely untill satified?Yes, we can
    provide this new patent item to you.
    Two years ago, our engineer decided to invent a portable ladder in
    order to shoot some great picture.He finally made it in July this
    year.He found that many people like himself wants to grasp some great
    moment,but it's hard to step on a safe and higher position.Then he
    thought about that a portable ladder to solve this problem.After two
    years' hard work,he finally made it.
    Extra light weight,special materials and unique design is the
    advantages of our products.such as S-50,it’s only 3 kgs weight but
    could support 101-150kgs loading.It's a helping hand for every
    photographer.Please refer our website for more

    Best regards,
    Sincerely yours,
    George Young
    Beijing L.GL Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd.
    roamer, Oct 11, 2008
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  2. roamer

    Bob S. Guest

    "Have you imagined a portable ladder as light as a notebook P.C."

    .....but as large and bulky as a .....?


    Have your engineer go back to the drawing board. This obviously was not
    designed with photography in-mind. Where's the mono-pole attachment,
    some attachments to hold camera bag and other accessories, different
    option pads for the feet for soft ground, gravel. Need a wider step and
    while that may get by safety regulations in your country, how about
    Bob S., Oct 11, 2008
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  3. roamer

    George Guest

    Thank you for your advice. I'll discuss it with our engineer.
    George, Nov 7, 2008
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