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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Andrew, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I've a new website on-line with a personal view of essex..

    If you can give hard criticism or praise, it would be very much
    appreciated. : )

    Andrew, Sep 17, 2003
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  2. Andrew

    J C Guest

    You are much better at black and white than you are at color....

    Most, but not all, the black and white shots are pretty good. Some
    could have been composed better but most of all these shots show an
    interesting look at found geometry and have good depth of field and
    exposure (particulary the pic in top row #2 and bottom row #1)

    The pic in top row #1 is interesting, but immediately upon viewing I
    wanted to see more (other) details in the shot... something to set the
    scene more.

    As for the color images, some are good, but the majority of them are

    Page 2, last pic of the boat. My first reaction is "great," but I want
    more color saturation. I would also have worked this location and
    probably composed the shot differently so that more of the background
    is in the shot and the foreground boat is not centered in the frame.
    In this case you have an interesting background to work with... use it
    In most of your color shots and in some of your b&w there is stuff in
    the background that detracts from the shot. When you look through the
    viewfinder look at everything before you take the pic.... the
    background, the foreground and all around the edges of the frame. This
    shot of the boat might have been even better if the background boat on
    the left were fully in the frame... if you had taken a few steps back
    or had used a shorter focal length lense.

    Page 3... Not much of interest here. In Pic #1... well I've tried that
    shot too (and will probably try it again, and again to see if I can
    get it right). What you need to do is get both an interesting image
    outside the windshield AND an interesting one in the mirror. Your pic
    has neither. pic #4 is interesting, but not particular well executed.
    Is that a plate? what is in it? The low res web graphic might be
    hindering this.

    Page 4...There's nothing here worthwhile. Dump these photos.

    NOW... let me take a wild guess. You started taking pic in B&W and
    moved to using color. Right? If that is the case I would suggest that
    you load a camera with b&w film and then another camera with color. Go
    looking for b&w shots. When you find a subject, take the pic with the
    b&w film and take the same pic with the color film. I have several
    camera bodies that I load with different film (all take the same mount

    Now when you view the prints, ask yourself which image works better
    the b&w or the color version. Then ask your self why. Then ask
    yourself how the color shot could have been better. This will better
    help you develop your "voice."

    As you've probably discovered, shooting color is different than b&w.

    -- JC
    J C, Sep 17, 2003
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I liked the dis-orientation and isolation of this shot, I wanted to make
    the viewer wonder it's context but find it's orientation/place difficult
    to resolve.

    but i guess, if there is no scene/context, like you say, only the most
    curious viewer will stick around to keep looking and asking.
    I agree with you on the colour saturation, the print has a greater depth
    than the web image, so maybe a re-scan would be useful.
    the framing of this shot was at it's capacity, (stepping back would have
    included the boats either side).

    but generally watching the whole frame is a good tip, i need to sharpen
    up here.

    i shot Pic #1 because i think the view inside and out of the windshield
    is unique, maybe it's mundane, but for me, what is mundane now is
    valuable later.

    pic #4 is shot with poor quality film and a poor web graphic, but i
    don't know if anybody would be able to tell (just by the pic) what the
    thing is.

    but as you're asking, it's a plaster plate of a kitten with some
    made in a womens prison.

    for me, the image is for the curious again, along with the title
    i believe it asks questions of the viewers imagination.

    tough criticism, but appreciated. : )

    yep, i did start shooting in b&w and have moved on to colour.. I think
    why i started in colour was because I wanted to move away from the
    19th century modernist idealism. B&W geometry is too safe a subject.
    Modernist photography is great in a professional sense but for me it
    needs to be retired in art.

    Loading two cameras is a good idea though, I guess the options and
    possibilities for the image increase. :) I'll have to try it.

    well, thanks for the criticism and tips JC, much appreciated here. : )

    i'd be interested to see your work, if you have anything on-line ?

    Andrew, Sep 18, 2003
  4. Andrew

    J C Guest


    This has a few samples of my stuff. Everything on these pages was
    posted in 1994 in the early days of the web and thus I was playing
    around with the crude html available at the time. I've not touched the
    site since. Frankly, I no longer use that ISP and am surprised they've
    kept the page up. The pics were all taken sometime between 1981 and

    The pic on the opening page ... now with current events I want to find
    that negative and reprint a larger photo.

    Feel free to unlease your critical remarks about the photos.

    Ignore the text portions about scanning images... it's pretty old and
    was written because I'd just learned the stuff (and am working in
    publishing so the reproduction of scanned photos on offset printing
    presses was a particular concern). In 1994 there was a revolution
    going on in publishing. Publishers were no longer sending glossies to
    printers to have halftone film made and then stripped. Instead they
    were buying scanners and preping digital files for print.

    James Costello

    -- JC
    J C, Sep 18, 2003
  5. Andrew

    Case Guest

    J C wrote:

    I like your pictures!

    Case, Sep 18, 2003
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    As a collection of photographs they work best, methodically and
    affectionately in describing the diversity, size and complexity of the
    New York metropolis.

    ' Boy and Fire Escape ', is the best realised and executed example of
    To me this is about a city having a life of it's own, by it's ever
    changing surface appearance.. the peeling flyers and posters, the
    The idea is realised by the inclusion of the boy and the repeated poster
    of the woman, they symbolise the relationship (I imagine) the
    inhabitants have to a city which is now alive on it's own... they are
    bystanding or part of the walls.

    It's a picture that has timeless meaning but contemporary appearance.
    I'm thinking of the old myths and folktales of being lost in the
    wilderness/forest, but this image updates the wilderness to modern times
    and the sprawling metropolis.

    'Girl with Balloon' is accomplished too, because it captures the moment
    of a childs distraction. The picture tells me this because of the look
    of distraction on her face (obviously) but also by the balloons frozen
    dynamism. For me the balloon symbolically takes up the position of where
    she would be if she had carried on with her thoughts or actions, the
    balloon takes on the symbol of an alternative future uninterrupted by
    the viewer/photographer.

    Technically all the pictures are fine to my eyes and the subjects are
    taken with decisiveness and make their point clear and are generally
    interesting to view, but they seem very much like what i've seen before
    of b&w photography, New York and Robert Frank.

    The WTC image on the first page is very interesting and is now a good
    historical shot, but it is devalued by it's size, positional angle and
    irrelevance to what is going on there today.

    My ideas would be on colour film at ground zero and the rebuilding of
    the towers. I say this because these pictures haven't been taken or to
    my knowledge there isn't one picture that has made itself part of our
    collective memory yet. It's there somewhere i think : )


    Andrew, Sep 19, 2003
  7. Andrew

    J C Guest

    The disparity between an artist's intention and an reviewer's
    interpretation is always interesting... particularly to the artist.

    I got a real kick out of those comments.


    -- JC
    J C, Sep 19, 2003
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