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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by T.J., Mar 3, 2009.

  1. T.J.

    T.J. Guest

    hello i am new to this kinda stuff and i was wondering if you can give
    me some tips. first to start off im 14 and i own a nice nikon coolpix
    s210 ill wait till im older to get a more advanced camera. i can get
    some some good pix ill post some soon and show you but i just need
    some tips and tricks
    Thank you
    T.J., Mar 3, 2009
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  2. T.J.

    Noons Guest

    T.J. wrote,on my timestamp of 4/03/2009 6:16 AM:

    Here's a few:

    - Get in close or use the zoom to do so. Fill the frame with the image, don't do
    it later with photoshop.
    - Watch the exposure or histogram if your camera has that. If it's botched, then
    take another one straight away.
    - Get in the habit of looking at the ISO, aperture and speed your camera
    selected: it'll be invaluable later on when you are using more advanced
    - Get used to leaning the camera against a solid surface when shooting. It can
    be something as simple as leaning it against a pole or tree, or landing it on a
    branch or fence, but it'll help you get much less shaky shots.
    - Pay attention to focusing: make sure where the camera is focusing is where you
    want the sharpness.
    Noons, Mar 3, 2009
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  3. T.J.

    Murray Guest

    Noons is correct.
    I can only add that you shouldn't wait too long to upgrade
    to a manual camera. That gives you 2 things.
    Complete control
    blame for whatever is wrong. You have to live with the results.
    You learn faster that way.
    It will probably cost less than the nifty Coolpix as a side

    Welcome to real photography, BTW. :) It's addictive, however.
    Murray, Mar 5, 2009
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