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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Avery Little, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Avery Little

    Avery Little Guest

    Good news for all you budding photographers looking to improve your
    photographic skills; the inauguration of a new photographic club, based in
    Watton and serving the Breckland area has just been announced. The first
    meeting of the newly formed Watton and District Photographic Society will
    take place at the Wells Cole Community Centre, in Saham Toney, at 7.45pm on
    Tuesday 8th September 2009.

    The club welcomes new members of all abilities, from beginners to advanced.
    Meetings are held twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesday of every
    month except August.

    Already a full programme of events and activities has been prepared by the
    committee of the club. The chairman, an accomplished professional
    photographer and journalist said that beginners will be made particularly

    "We have arranged our programme so that the first Tuesday of the month
    always includes a talk or discussion on topics of interest to budding
    photographers. We intend to cover everything from selecting your first
    camera to how to get the best from it, be it a simple point and shoot camera
    or the most complex, digital reflex camera."

    Steve is an expert in digital processing of photographs, using programmes
    like Photoshop and Elements. He has agreed to provide his time free of
    charge to club members for a series of talks which are designed to assist
    beginners and intermediate photographers through the digital maze.

    For the slightly more adventurous photographer the club holds competitions
    on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The competition secretary says,

    "Competitions are the best way of improving your picture taking. No one need
    be afraid of entering their pictures. We have three categories of
    competition, Club Class for beginners, intermediate for the more experienced
    and advanced. We use judges affiliated to the East Anglian Photographic
    Federation and these judges know what to expect. Their comments are always
    intended to be constructive and helpful."

    The club is also fortunate to have the assistance of a local photographer
    and camera man to take charge of the clubs studio photography and lighting
    techniques courses. Best known for his video and filming work, David has
    recently begun to develop a digital photographic studio alongside his
    professional video studio. He says,

    "I am delighted to be involved with this project. I have been interested in
    videography for many years and have only recently turned to stills
    photography in a studio environment. I still find it very challenging at a
    professional level, but photography is great fun and that is what it is all
    about. I want to teach people about the fundamentals of lighting and
    composition, but most of all I want people to have fun; that way you get the
    best out of yourself and your subject."

    If you would like further details, the Watton and District Photographic
    Society can be contacted at
    Avery Little, Jul 1, 2009
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  2. Avery Little

    Paul Giverin Guest

    No reply then? Obviously just using this newsgroup to promote your new
    club and not interested enough to hang around and reply to any responses
    to your post.
    Paul Giverin, Jul 8, 2009
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  3. Avery Little

    Bruce Guest

    When a new club is formed close to an existing one, it is normally
    because there has been a personality clash or some other disagreement.

    Perhaps the new club should be called the "Not Caston Camera Club".

    Probably the reason you didn't get a reply is because you remarked that
    you recognised some names from Caston. ;-)
    Bruce, Jul 8, 2009
  4. Not always. I want to set up a new group in Norwich for a specific purpose
    even though I have previously been a member of Norwich & District
    Photographic Society and still post to the website. Clubs cannot usually
    cater for all needs and this applies even to the big ones as well. I
    remember the time when there were nearly a dozen photographic clubs in
    Norwich if you count all the company ones as well. It was a healthy time
    for photography and people passed on their skills to new members. Nowadays
    the scope for photography is even greater and never has there been more
    choice of equipment to use so it just surprises me that there are not more
    new photographic clubs emerging at this time.

    By the way for anyone who is interested in our meeting to discuss the new
    group (Studio/strobist/networking) it is at the Reindeer pub on Dereham
    Road, Norwich at 8pm tonight.

    Roger Blackwell, Jul 9, 2009
  5. Avery Little

    Bruce Guest

    I wish you luck. I have been a member of quite a few clubs because my
    work took me around the country and I would usually join a club local to
    wherever I was.

    I have to say that I developed a strong dislike of the club scene
    because of its cliques, favouritism and encouragement of mediocrity,
    especially in competitions where the same styles and photographers
    always seemed to win. I cannot think of any club I attended that was
    free of these influences.

    One thing I did value was the availability of a darkroom, however with
    digital photography there is really no need for that anymore. So I
    haven't been a club member for quite a few years. A couple of years ago
    I did visit several clubs in the area where I lived at that time, and
    most or all the usual traits were still present to varying degrees.

    So I chose a different route, which was to find people working in my
    fields of choice and ask their advice. I volunteered as an assistant
    and learnt the craft the hard way - it is far more difficult to satisfy
    a seasoned professional and his paying clients than it is to suck up to
    club committee members and competition judges.

    There are many ways to learn photography, from formal tuition to being
    self-taught, from working for and with professionals to shooting for
    stock agencies and seeing what sells. Unfortunately, joining a club is
    the antithesis of all this, and almost excludes learning - except for a
    few "rules of composition" that all but guarantee mediocre, formulaic

    Look at successful photographers and you will see some who have chosen
    an academic route and studied photography at college, some who are
    self-taught, and others who have come to photography from an artistic
    background, know what they are trying to achieve and just need some
    knowledge and experience of photographic technique to help them achieve
    it. But you will find very, very few - if any - who have come up
    through camera clubs.

    I'm not totally knocking the camera club - you can meet some nice people
    and enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts. But the chances of
    learning anything that will improve your skills beyond those on show at
    the tired old formulaic club competitions and exhibitions approximates
    to zero.
    Bruce, Jul 9, 2009
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