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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Matt Clara, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    Ok, I'm tooting my own horn: I've got a new site, and it's very near
    completion (the links page, in particular, needs help). The site is simple,
    so don't expect to be blown away or dancing in the aisles, but it's got some
    class all the same, and if you'd like to exchange links, I'd be pleased to
    do just that.

    I'm also open to comments on the site.

    The front page weighs in at 75kb, which is larger than I'd like, but there
    it is.

    (the domain was my wife's idea--said it was memorable!)
    Matt Clara, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. Matt Clara

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Looks good. I've bookmarked it and will add it to my links this weekend.
    Tony Spadaro, Nov 19, 2003
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  3. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

    Love the look, but try giving it a frame stye like mine it will stop that multiple window
    thing happening.

    By the way it took me half a day and about 10 goes before I could get
    anything to show up! (server errors)

    Love your pics by the way!

    Mr Blobby, Nov 19, 2003
  4. Hi Blobby,

    Your beautiful "shootin comp" and "water drops" came through fine, but
    when I clicked on the other buttons I got "page not found" in both IE
    5.2 and Safari 1.1 for Mac.


    Nice site and absolutely stunning images!
    Charlie Dilks, Nov 19, 2003
  5. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

    Thanks Charlie

    Try again later, if one works the rest should, apparently a lot of people OS
    have had trouble viewing my sit it appears to be a server issue and not

    BTW Did you try the Top Text Links or the Graphic Buttons ?

    Mr Blobby, Nov 19, 2003
  6. I just tried again with both browsers, both top text and buttons, still
    "page cannot be found."

    Water drops and shoot in still work as do the thumbnails there.
    Charlie Dilks, Nov 19, 2003
  7. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    Nice site, Andrew, but you presume my multiple window look is some kind of
    mistake--I did it that way on purpose.

    Yes, it chose the moment I posted it to start acting up. Seems fine this

    Thanks Andrew.
    Matt Clara, Nov 19, 2003
  8. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

    Now I know how to drive it its not that bad. :)

    Mr Blobby, Nov 19, 2003
  9. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

  10. Matt Clara

    Guest Guest

    I like it. vm

    Guest, Nov 19, 2003
  11. Matt Clara

    Alan Browne Guest

    Well done. Don't tinker.

    Alan Browne, Nov 19, 2003
  12. Matt Clara

    Gordon Moat Guest

    Nice opening layout. How much is Canon paying for the advertisement?
    I had trouble with the "Artistic" link under Netcrap, both 4.8 and 7.2. Neither
    the rollover link, nor the text link worked. The other odd thing is that it
    brought up frames with scroll bars, but only error messages in the frames.


    Gordon Moat
    Alliance Graphique Studio
    Gordon Moat, Nov 19, 2003
  13. Hi, Matt, I'm sorry to say that I'm having problems with navigation. I
    really like the photos, and I'd like to send a link to the night shots to
    Louise, Unfortunately, every page appears to be Is there
    no way to bookmark individual sections of the site? I'm sorry to say that
    I'm getting more used to the opening page than I would like.

    On the other opening page, the icons for the links confuse me as well. Is
    the link to COLOR black and white? I'm not sure what the icon is supposed
    to mean, and it's not clear that the icons are links, especially since the
    bar below the four of them are links. Holding my pointer over them did not
    bring up the rollover promptly, so I clicked and then saw that the man was
    B & W.

    The photos knock my socks off. If you have the link to the night shots, I'd
    really like to forward it to Louise. Opening more windows is a problem,
    though. It makes navigation more difficult since there is no indication of
    where I am in the address bar. The navigation bar gives links to Home,
    Images, and 3 D, and my guess that home was the page with the four icons
    was wrong. It was also not the Links page. It confuses me that the link to
    the page with icons is the Images page, since that page has a link to 3-D,
    as does the navigation bar. But that link takes me to a page other than the
    3-D link on the icon page. I'm sorry I'm so confused.

    Great photos, but a confusing Web site.
    Phil Stripling, Nov 19, 2003
  14. Matt Clara

    RSW Guest

    For the record I had no problem navigating the site, and was not in the
    least confused by it. I think It's a great site.
    RSW, Nov 19, 2003
  15. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    Thanks Phil--the 3D Models page goes directly to the models because there
    aren't enough of them to warrant subdivisions. The images, on the other
    hand, would have taken too much bandwidth downloading all the thumbnails, so
    I broke them up into four subdivisions: color, night, B&W, and 3D/Digital.
    Yes, the color gallery's icon is only subtly colored, almost appearing B&W.
    It's actually a reflection of trees in water, and there are a lot of blues
    in the image, which I feel are overpowered by the blue background. I
    thought of this myself and thank you for confirming my fears. I'll look
    into replacing it. As for Louise, if you click on one of the night images
    you'll launch a new window with a larger version of the same image in it.
    That page is outside the frame and _is_ bookmarkable (or emailable). There
    are also arrows to either side of the larger images: clicking these will
    take you from large image to large image.

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my images.
    Matt Clara, Nov 19, 2003
  16. Hope one day to get a decent portfolio online myself (last one was crap). I
    notice you've done some 3d stuff... I just started getting back into 3D for
    a project, learning Maya at the moment. I may put some online one day.

    As for the layout... I got it. And I think it works well (a little work on
    the name might help though :) )
    Martin Francis, Nov 20, 2003
  17. No qualms with your work, but I have to say that despite the overwhelming
    colour scheme I prefer Matt's. When I was learning web design I got the
    general feeling frames were, for technical and handling reasons, not a good
    choice. Also the page titles generally seem to be "Untitled".

    My own next gallery design might be something like Harry Borden's
    ( except with a more descriptive interface and
    faster loading. I think it was universally accepted the whole excercise book
    style thing my last site had was a bit tacky and hard to read
    Martin Francis, Nov 20, 2003
  18. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

    My theme is based on ease of creating and uploading updated pictures wich I
    am currently doing at least once a week, so I have sacrificed a lot of fancy
    design and used frames for convineance.

    The "Untitled" bit I am having trouble fixing using Dreamweaver Im sure I
    could do it in Frontpage but since I have rebuilt my PC I don't seem to have
    it anymore.

    Love this site! The Leny Cravits shot is cool.
    This is the third time I have writen this, as every time I have click on the
    about link my PC locked, so this time I am sending it and then having a

    Mr Blobby, Nov 22, 2003
  19. Matt Clara

    Mr Blobby Guest

    It does work, though because I use 1280 X1024 Screen Res the front page gets
    confused and the TEXT overlaps on the scroll down section.
    And I found the Large fixed width screen that pops up awkward due to the
    pictures auto zising them selves down in XP and when you click the full
    screen button you loose the Right Hand Side part of some images and can't
    scroll over.

    The "tap" one would be a good Bugs Eye SI entry!

    Oh and Rachael's gallery doesn't work for me :(

    Some Nice work there !

    Mr Blobby, Nov 22, 2003
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