New Soon-to Be D70 User, From 300D

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Well, I did it--I made a deal with a FM poster to buy his D70 from him, and
    I'm selling my 300D. This is NOT to start a flame-war, I've read a
    ka-zillion posts and reviews on the respective cameras. I'm buying mainly
    because my 300D broke only a month after I bought it--yes I bought it used,
    but I did likewise with my CP5700 and it's humming along perfectly (as was
    the case with other Nikons I've owned)--and since I have a CP5700 and the
    Nikon View/Capture software a D70 "integrates" more that way.

    Why am I posting then? A few questions:

    (1) Will I miss mirror lockup much? I do like macro-shots a lot but I use
    the CP5700 more for those than I did the 300D, and never used slow-shutter
    speeds when macro shooting for the most part; after all, at a shutter speed
    of 1/15 second, any hand movement or movement from the wind blowing the
    plant would ruin the shot anyway. The "fanciest" zoom I see myself buying is
    the Sigma 70-300 APO Super Macro II; I'd LOVE VR glass but can't afford any
    of it. (Of course the Sigma will be equivalent to 450mm at the 300 setting.)
    Would I miss mirror lockup much here? How about if in the future I get (say)
    a 80-400 VR lens?

    (2) How often have you D70 users encoutered moiré? I hear shooting RAW helps
    a lot (I intend to shoot a lot of RAW as it is.) I've read various posts too
    on software that can remove it. (I do have Paint Shop Pro 8 but that's all.)

    (3) I've heard many a user bitch about the 300D's flash performance, even
    with flash-exposure compensation re-enabled via the hack. A pro friend of
    mine who's shot longer than I've been alive (I'm 36) has bitched endlessly
    about how hard it is to get good flash exposures with the 300D. I've heard
    likewise elsewhere too. I hear the D70's flash performance is far superior.
    True? And would you have to blow your wad on the SB-600/SB-800 to obtain
    decent performance, or would something like the Sunpak PZ5000AF or even
    (gasp) a Vivitar 283 be an adequate substitute until I can pony up for an

    (4) The 300D is known for its "silky-smooth" ISO 100 images, but the D70 has
    great noise performance also. In my case, I am known to do 2-minute
    exposures trying to capture lightning storms. Such shots would HAVE to be
    done with NR turned off, so I wouldn't have to wait 2 more minutes for the
    next shot. Will the performance of the D70 do well there as opposed to
    "falling flat" compared to the 300D?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jan 12, 2005
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Ed Ruf Guest

    You are not going to be taking any macro shots like you did with the
    5700 with any of these lenses. They don't allow you to focus close
    enough. You can try diopters and such, but you really need another
    lens with close focus capability for this. Also fwiw the 70-200 f/2.8
    VR is a much better lens than the 80-400 f/5.6 VR if you read the
    Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 ()
    See images taken with my CP-990/5700 & D70 at
    Ed Ruf, Jan 12, 2005
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  3. I am totally aware of that. In the SLR world I am well aware that the way to
    go is a specialized macro lens.
    Which reviews say this? Just curious.

    Also, what about the OTHER issues I brought up?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jan 12, 2005
  4. Personally I find a cheap prime lens (e.g. 50 mm) with
    extension tubes being an excellent choice for macro photo.
    Or even better, if you can afford, a macro lens. No need
    for zooms for macro.

    Roland Karlsson, Jan 12, 2005
  5. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Ed Ruf Guest
    I initially bought the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR and later on added the TC-20EII.
    Yes, there is now two items to haul around and the combo costs more, but
    you have that wonderful f/2.8 lens when needed in low light situations. But
    it depends o the needs for the type of photography you are interested in
    doing. Just as the moire issue.
    Ed Ruf, Jan 12, 2005
  6. Larry R Harrison Jr

    sid derra Guest


    two times in 6.000 pictures. the last time was a jpeg fine shot of the
    chicago skyline and one of the buildings window front showed moire -
    shooting the same in raw DID indeed inprove the moire a lot. its a matter of
    resolution and math...
    i am by no means a pro, but i am totally happy with my sb-600 on my d70. i
    bought it off overstock auctions brand new for 161 bucks - incl. shipping -
    about a month ago. the sb-800 wouldve cost' 100 more.

    sid derra, Jan 13, 2005
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