New stupid Sony (consumer) POS

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by gpsman, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    gpsman, Feb 11, 2009
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  2. Is The Onion always that sophomoric and idiotic? Glad I missed it.

    Sounds like a pre-pubescent boy's dream of seeing how many
    foul words we can stuff into a fake "news report". Click only if
    you have nothing better to do with your time.

    If they really knew anything about the market they would go after
    Monster or one of those companies with no legitimate reason to
    be in business. They clearly know nothing about the history of
    modern consumer electronics.
    Richard Crowley, Feb 11, 2009
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  3. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    I dunno, somebody sent it to me. I thought it was pretty funny.
    I think that goes without saying, so I never thought to say it.
    What would one need to know about the history of electronics to be
    frustrated by some of the poorly functioning and documented consumer
    electronics of today?

    I think it was meant as satire.
    gpsman, Feb 11, 2009
  4. "gpsman" wrote from Gooooooooogle Groups...
    It was grossly foul and offensive. It does not contribute
    to polite society to even propogate it.
    Perhaps that is what passes for "satire" in high-school today?

    There are so many much more richly deserving targets than Sony.
    I find Monster's basic raison d'etre and corporate behavior much
    more offensive than anything Sony could ever dream of doing.
    Richard Crowley, Feb 11, 2009
  5. gpsman

    Bob Ford Guest

    Yes it was and I dumped it almost immediately!
    Yep, I agree with your criticism of Monster totally. What a farce they
    have been able to propagate.
    --Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Feb 11, 2009
  6. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    So's war, but polite society can't seem to get enough of that, except
    for censoring the images so they don't have to look at it.
    I can assure you there was no intent on my part to contribute to
    "polite society"; I cannot speak for the creators or The Onion.
    I dunno. Did you see some high-schoolers in it?

    What would one need to know about the history of electronics to be
    frustrated by some of the poorly functioning and documented consumer
    electronics of today?
    Well, nobody sent me a link to your spoof of Monster, so I was at
    somewhat of a disadvantage in that regard.
    gpsman, Feb 11, 2009
  7. In that case, plonk to you. Don't let the door hit you in the backside.
    Annother reason to filter everything from Goooooooooogle Groups.
    Richard Crowley, Feb 11, 2009
  8. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    Unfortunately, for you, a plonk doesn't send me anywhere.

    I value your perspectives on video production more than any others,
    but you can be rather silly regarding silly issues.
    The delivery method of a message is irrelevant to value.
    gpsman, Feb 11, 2009
  9. gpsman

    jakdedert Guest

    Oh please...if you must plonk everyone who doesn't fit your definition
    of 'polite society' (whatever that is), plonk me too. Once you've
    kill-filed everyone, then sit there and be polite to yourself.


    jakdedert, Feb 12, 2009
  10. gpsman

    David McCall Guest

    Didn't he already get you a while back?

    David McCall, Feb 12, 2009
  11. gpsman

    jakdedert Guest

    Who knows...or cares, really. I just wanted to poke at the sanctimony
    of thinking the idea of 'polite society' has any meaning whatsoever on

    Hopefully his servants are polite to him. He can 'plonk' them with a

    jakdedert, Feb 12, 2009
  12. gpsman

    sgordon Guest

    Regardless of whether anyone cares to plonk anyone or not, I do agree
    that the Onion piece in question was just dumb - it wasn't even funny,
    just dumb. Most of their stuff is better - or at least funnier.
    sgordon, Feb 12, 2009
  13. gpsman

    Thomas Guest

    Thomas, Feb 21, 2009
  14. On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 18:20:27 -0800 (PST), gpsman

    Finally watched it. It's not a hate against Sony, but a simple call
    for "going back to the basics". You could fill in the name for any
    electronics manufacturer there, but I guess Sony got the stick because
    they sometimes indeed come out with weird things which are hard to
    figure out for the average punter.

    Pity the language is crude, but I guess that's The Onion's way of


    Martin Heffels, May 4, 2009
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