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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by David Kilpatrick, May 31, 2004.

  1. At Icon Publications Ltd we have relaunched the Minolta Image magazine
    which we have produced (originally not under our company name) since
    1981 - it is now KONICA MINOLTA PHOTOWORLD, reverting to its original
    1970s name plus the new company. This was relaunched with a
    Spring/Summer edition in May.

    In late June, we publish the first 'f2' magazine - the subhead for the
    title is 'Freelance+Digital' which replaces our magazine of the last
    five years, Freelance Photographer, bringing in the content of the
    recent 'Master Digital Photographer' magazine. The association we
    produced this for felt it had become too commercial, and was being aimed
    too much at non-member subscribers. 'f2' will manage something we first
    tried to do in 1996 - alienating far too many readers who were not ready
    - and cover the world of digital and conventional photography for print,
    exhibition, direct sale, stock agency, competitions and other typical
    solo, am/pro shared interests.

    Both magazines are a market (not incredibly well-paid, but paid
    nevertheless) for technical articles; a possible showcase for portfolio
    work (generally not paid for f2, paid for Photoworld); and will have
    websites shortly with forum facilities.

    These are not available through newsagents, and we maintain the position
    we have since the mid-1990s of near zero print wastage (compared to 30
    per cent of all UK printed magazine consigned to landfill currently, due
    to the sale or return news sale system). They remain subscription only
    and the circulations are relatively small. We are the only specialist
    photo magazine publisher in Scotland.

    The website for them at the moment remains:

    This has brief details, a Paypal subscription system with UK, Europe and
    World options, and an archive of downloadable pdf files of articles from
    the predecessor titles.

    David Kilpatrick FBIPP AMPA
    Kelso, Scotland
    David Kilpatrick, May 31, 2004
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  2. David Kilpatrick

    Andrew Price Guest

    Couldn't you just have cross-posted your publicity instead of
    multi-posting in four different groups?

    It gets rather boring reading the same spam four times in a row...
    Andrew Price, May 31, 2004
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  3. David Kilpatrick

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    If you are using OE (and no doubt some other readers as well) you can
    completely get rid of spamming asses like this one - on ALL newsgroups, by
    making a message rule concerning his email address. Under TOOLS find MESSAGE
    RULES, and NEWS then follow the directions. I'm using it more and more as I
    find a lot of the same idiots and spammers inhabit many groups and clog up
    the screen with their crap.
    Tony Spadaro, May 31, 2004
  4. Actually, Tony, although I usually agree with your comments about NG
    spams, I think you are being OTT here.

    Although it may be near the borderline for David to post details of
    changes to his magazines on NGs, I don't think it crosses it. AIUI,
    mention of specialist products which may be of general interest to NG
    readers -as opposed to trailers for one-off sales and eBay auctions -
    has always been acceptable on usenet.

    I have never met David personally, but have subscribed to one of his
    magazines for many years. From what I have seen, he and his wife run a
    very small organisation which I doubt keeps them in luxury. He has
    decades of experience in magazine publishing, and often posts useful
    guidance in that area and on general topics; this alone distinguishes
    him from most of those who are clearly guilty of NG advertising.

    I suggest you consider giving the guy a break. However, if you kill-file
    him, your choice, your loss.
    David Littlewood, Jun 1, 2004
  5. David Kilpatrick

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    I consider it commercial advertising -- and I've blocked him in the past,
    meaning he has slipped around my killfile - a sure sign of a spammer.
    Tony Spadaro, Jun 1, 2004
  6. Since he posts under his own name and the title of the publishing
    company, I doubt it. More likely he just changed ISP.
    David Littlewood, Jun 1, 2004
  7. David Kilpatrick

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Whatever. I'm rid of him now.
    Tony Spadaro, Jun 1, 2004
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