New to capturing, a few questions plz?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Bill Willis, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Bill Willis

    Bill Willis Guest

    My goal is to capture quality video from my svideo input on my nvidia
    geforce2 card, at 480x480 and than encode it with tmpg, or another
    encoder that can read files from a frameserver, I will probably
    continue to use vdub for adjustments and cropping.

    I would like to start by asking what software is the best to capture
    with that can use huffyyuv? I really like the results with virtualdub,
    but I am trying to experiment with different apps to achieve the best
    quality and ease of use.

    Will other capture apps provide a better video when capturing to
    loseless avi through huffyuv?

    Basically, I want high quality video (lossless before encoding), and
    would like some suggestions on which capture apps I could use. Disk
    space is not an issue.

    Links to websites with faq's, tutorials, etc. would also be

    BTW: Could someone explain the size limitation of avi files? I read
    something about it, but it seems that I have no problem writing video
    files well over 2GB.

    Additional info:
    System: Win XP SP1a P4 1800Mhz/512MB RAM
    Video: MSI 8836 Geforce2Ti w/64MB w/Capture

    Plz help a newb out.
    Bill Willis, Sep 3, 2003
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