New York Institute of Photography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by J o n a t h a n M a h e r, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Hi All

    Does anyone have any experience with the New York Institute of Photography?
    Has anyone enrolled on their distance learning course?

    Would be interested to hear any feedback

    Many thanks

    J o n a t h a n M a h e r, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    rbryan Guest

    Im taking it now. Absolutely tops for a mail order course, IMHO. You
    send in your photos for critque, they send back a tape of the
    instructors comments, its like he's sitting over your shoulder. The
    manuals are good, again with a tape and a video to go with. Theres a
    site on MS dedicated to the course (NOT official) called NYIP II, free
    join. Cant be beat!
    rbryan, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. JohnDesq OnTheRoad, Oct 27, 2003
  4. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    Carole Guest

    I asked my photo teacher last summer about it, and he didn't think it
    was worth it.

    I have found some great courses at local community colleges. I am in
    Seattle, WA and am presently taking one that's taught by a staff
    photographer at the Seattle Times. We have class one night a week and do
    photo shoots on Saturday mornings. Then we all select 5 or 6 of our best
    slides and bring them to class. It's great because there are 12 of us,
    and we have all been given the same assignment. It's interesting to see
    what others do with the same assignment you have been given, and you
    also have a basis to judge your work against that of others.

    Added bonus is that we have had guest lecturers every week, and I'm not
    only learning photography, I've learned a lot about their area of
    expertise. Last week we had the photo editor of the paper, and I now
    understand the thought processes that go into choosing which pictures go
    on the front of the paper and which ones go inside.

    You might want to check out your local community colleges. All have
    continuing ed courses. The cost runs from $95 - $195 a course and you
    can choose what you want to take. AND you get to meet other people who
    are into the same things you are :)
    Carole, Oct 27, 2003
  5. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    Bacchus Guest

    I am thinking of taking the digital course with them. not sure yet though.
    Bacchus, Oct 27, 2003
  6. I am also taking the course and it is worth every dime. The course material
    is easy to understand, the assignments are a challenge and the instructors
    are wonderful. If you are wanting a course that you can learn at your own
    pace, then this is it.

    Kevin - KC8MTV
    Kevin Numbers - KC8MTV, Oct 28, 2003
  7. I thought I'd take it on a lark - it's already made a difference in
    how I shoot. Well worth it.

    Some of the gear they send you is a bit cheezy (camera bag, umbrella),
    but as others have said in this thread, it's worth the money. If you
    live outside the states, there's duty on each shipment.....

    jim h


    More than photographs: free downloads, prizes, a bit of humour...
    Jim Hutchison, Oct 28, 2003
  8. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    Bob Ashby Guest

    First of all if you can get into a instructor lead class room do that above
    all things. Nothing beats the immediate feedback from an instructor. Very
    few class room instructors will give you a unbiased review of the NYIP
    course, talk to photographer who have gone through the course. Having said
    all that, the course is great if you are disciplined enough to study on your
    own. The professional course comes in 6 chunks that are well laid out and
    fairly complete. The course is structured mostly around portraiture. It
    does touch on other areas such as photojournalism, commercial, weddings
    etc... When you are done you will have a good foundation. You will need to
    work on advanced lighting and composure issues, but that comes with
    practice. Join the local Professional Photographers association in your
    area and take their on going education seminars. You will get much more out
    of them after you have finished the NYIP course. I finished the course and
    have opened a small studio. Also check out the NYIP group:
    Bob Ashby, Oct 29, 2003
  9. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    Kevin Backs Guest

    I've been shooting for about 30 years.

    I've taught photography, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it.

    I signed up for the course because I wanted to bring more discipline
    to my photography, and to get feedback on my work by someone who
    doesn't know me and would really only care about the quality of the
    work when critiquing it.

    Another factor is the fact that I travel for work (and the fact that I
    work), so it isn't possible to attend regular classes.

    I'm finding the course to be, as others have said, worth every penny.

    On a special note to Canadians who might be thinking of the course:
    visit: This is the address for
    NYI's Canadian franchise. The prices are a little bit higher (not such
    a big deal with the current value of the dollar). BUT, and this can
    make a big difference... There is no duty to pay, all taxes are
    included in the price, and it's fully tax deductible (that can be
    worth 20% to 30% of the price of the course, which can bring the cost
    to LESS than buying the course through the U.S. office. If you happen
    to live in the Ottawa area, they have no problem with students
    dropping by to pick up or drop off their materials and assignments,
    and they've been know to spring for the occasional lunch with the
    student and their instructor.

    I've completed 2 units of the six, and I just have to make time to
    shoot the last couple of photos for Unit 3.

    Kevin Backs
    Kevin Backs, Oct 29, 2003
  10. J o n a t h a n  M a h e r

    RobC Guest

    I'm half way through the course and it's been great. The amount of
    information covered in the printed material in amazing. The video
    tapes provide demonstrations of concepts discussed in the books.

    I was worried about taking the course because of the potential cross
    border hassles, until I found the Canadian Office.

    RobC, Nov 8, 2003
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