Newbie - can only view files at width 360 and not 720

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by loz, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. loz

    loz Guest

    What did you use to "capture" the clip onto the PC?
    Often the capture program allows you to specify what quality and resolution you
    want the captured clip to be - any subsequent editing or conversion isn't going
    to improve on that.
    Make sure your capture program is set to capture 720x576 DV format and you
    should be OK

    loz, Jul 18, 2003
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  2. I've just bought my first camcorder , the Sony TRV 19 and am very pleased
    with the results when I play a recording through my video and onto the tv .
    The problem I'm having is that when I've downloaded the same recording onto
    my laptop ( via firewire ) I can only view the clip at 360 width maximum and
    if I try to view it full screen the clip becomes pixellated and looks
    nowhere near as good it did on the tv . I've tried a few things to resolve
    this issue so far which are

    1) downloading a piece of software called 'hires' which tweeks some settings
    in the registry apparently which hasn't done anything

    2) Used some software called 'DVIO' which downloads the recording straight
    to the hard drive in AVI type 2 format I think , the file sizes are
    consistent to sizes I've read on here ie. 5mins per gig but again when
    viewing them can only display them at 360 width

    I've also used tmpgenc to convert it to mpg , this actually converts it to
    720 width but the quality of the clip is pretty awful which seems to
    indicate it decoded it from the 360 width size ( does this make any sense
    ? ) .

    So summing up the quality of the recording is ok , judging by the quality of
    the tv picture , the file is being downloaded is the correct size going by
    the file size it creates so the only thing I can think of is of a software
    nature . Can anybody help ?

    Graham .
    Graham Jackman, Jul 18, 2003
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  3. loz

    Juan Lauda Guest

    A friend with a recently acquired DCR-PC105e has a similar problem.
    Apparently the Microsoft DV codec *decodes* type-1 DV files at 360
    horizontal resolution by default. If you have the option to capture as a
    type-2 DV file then this will play back at the proper size. The decoding of
    type-1 DV files is controlled by a registry key value:


    Set the DWORD value to 03E8 hexadecimal or 1000 decimal for display at 720

    AFAIK this only affects decoding of type-1 DV AVI files. They always seem to
    be captured at full DV resolution (3.5MB/s).
    Juan Lauda, Jul 18, 2003
  4. Hi Juan,
    I've previously downloaded a program called "hires" which does this for
    you , I've checked the registry setting and it is set up correctly . Here's
    some information I sent to Lol about the capture

    I captured it using VideoStudio6 package that came with my pyro firewire
    pcmcia card , the Sony software is pretty useless . I looked at the
    properties window of the saved clip and it read

    Frame rate 25
    data rate 3515
    compression DV encoder type 1
    attributes 24 bit 720 x 576

    The clip when viewed using videostudio looks blured and pixelated but
    when viewed using windows media player at 100 % shows it as being 360 x
    288 . When increasing the size to 200 % ( 720 x 576 ) the picture becomes
    pixelated as on videostudio , nothing like as clear as is being displayed on
    my tv through my video .

    I've tried to play it using Quicktime but it doesn't want to know, I've
    also encoded it using tmpgenc but the results are the same with an even more
    pixelated file due to the compression ie. it's compressed it as if it were a
    360 x 288 file although the output mpg file is size 720 x 576 . I've put a
    very small video clip ( 2.7 mb , 0.76 secs ) at

    I've had a browse through various forums and guides but there is nothing
    at all related to this problem . Any other ideas ?
    Graham Jackman, Jul 19, 2003
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