NEWBIE OT? Multiple Live Camera Inputs Mac

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Pete Pemberton, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    Doing research for my church and getting more cornfused by the minute.
    I am looking at a program called Live Channel Pro, to manipulate
    various live cam inputs, pre-recorded clips, and other inputs as a live
    broadcast style platform. The program itself seems very easy to use,
    which in a worship setting, this is a good thing.

    My confusion is understanding how to input (cost effectively mind you)
    multiple (two or more) live cameras, either fixed/remote controlled or
    mobile, getting the signal to the production computer, and input these
    signals into the computer. I think analog would be peachy for the
    quality, but maybe not. We are projecting onto a large screen. Not
    looking for DVD quality, but at close to a "TV quality" look would be
    good. Camera cost is crucial at this point, we have the computer, I
    want to get up and running for less than $2000 with two cameras that
    will be onstage or near the speaking area, and I have another DV I can
    use from the computer, as a direct FW input for the broad view in the

    We also have a video three channel switcher, a media computer (Media
    Shout). Keep in mind the Live Channel Pro software will cost arounf
    $1000. With the switcher, maybe we don't need that software yet.

    Is wireless transmitting an option at all? How about S or composite to
    CAT5 conversion? All we need is the video feed, not audio.

    Thanks for all info!

    Pete Pemberton, Jun 1, 2005
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