Newbie question about learning B&W photography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Danny, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Danny

    LadySycamore Guest

    Totally agree. I didn't get an appreciation for it until I took classes
    back in 1991.
    I don't know about "should", but if it's something that you "want", then
    go for it. I don't have a hand held one, and my pics have come out just
    fine using the built in one on my camera.
    Are you in KC, Missouri? Here is a site that lists "meet-ups" in various
    cities around the world (this one is for a photography group in KC):

    And scroll down to #78. That will be the photography meet up group.

    If that doesn't work, go here:

    Over to the right, is a search box that says "Find Your City". You'll be
    able to type in your ZIP code, and find meet ups in your city.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
    LadySycamore, Jul 17, 2003
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