newbie question - blury pics w/ new Kodak P850

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Lynn, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Lynn

    Lynn Guest

    I just purchased a Kodak P850. My daughter plays both softball and
    volleyball. I have gotten very acceptable (to me the newbie) pictures at
    the ball fields using the auto mode while there was good light. However,
    when the evening comes, I have to put away the camera as the pictures
    become worthless. Since my subjects are at a distance, i.e. beyond flash
    range and flash is undesirable and maybe unacceptable, I must shoot with
    available lighting. This is bad enough at a softball field with it's
    light towers but is even worse inside a gymnasium or warehouse where
    volleyball games are played. I'm actually seeing the "slow shutter
    speed" warning when I try taking pictures in the program mode. This
    camera will do ISO of 800 if the resolution is dropped to 1.2. Using
    this doesn't seem to make the shutter speed faster though. I'm sure this
    problem is one of photography fundamentals and my lack of knowledge in
    this area. Can someone recommend a web site or other resource that could
    quickly get me on track. There are softball games this evening!
    Lynn, Oct 8, 2005
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  2. Lynn

    Lynn Guest

    After several hours of on-line reading of camera fundamentals I now know
    a bit more than I did. At the softball fields Saturday night, I had a
    slightly better understanding of what those knobs on the camera do. I
    was able to use shutter priority setting of 800 ISO. The shots are not
    pretty but they do record the event. I now need to see if there is a way
    to improve the graininess of the results. Comments are appreciated. Here
    are a couple of examples. A...vs. She Devels and Texas Terror/target93.html A...vs. She Devels and Texas Terror/target78.html A...vs. She Devels and Texas Terror/target69.html

    Picasa was used to crop these and add fill lighting.

    I have also discovered slow shutter exposures. This is really fun! I
    realize now that many of the softball shots could benefit from much
    slower shutter speeds and see the need for a tripod.

    Lynn, Oct 10, 2005
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  3. Lynn

    LarryC Guest

    Only a few things to do about digital noise ("grain") --
    more light/lower ISO
    shoot in RAW or TIFF mode (I don't think your camera does this)

    In the camera, the algorithm used to record JPEG images is "lossy" and
    If JPEG is your only choice, and you must use high ISO because of the
    conditions, then you need noise-reduction software. We're taking bucks here.
    I haven't been too impressed with Photoshop's noise filter. Perhaps Noise
    Ninja or similar software can clean up your pix.

    By the way, they looked pretty good -- nice stop action.
    LarryC, Oct 10, 2005
  4. Lynn

    Edw. Peach Guest

    No doubt others will come up with programs...but I know there are
    stand-alone programs that do a decent job of removing/reducing noise.

    Just wait a little while and some names will no doubt appear.
    Edw. Peach, Oct 10, 2005
  5. Lynn

    Edw. Peach Guest

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