NEWBIE: Questions/Concerns about digital photo and equipment

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Quiet Voice, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Quiet Voice

    Quiet Voice Guest


    I've a few questions concerning digital photography and equipment, one
    specific one more general.

    I have a Dimage 7Hi. For Christmas, I recieved the 3600HS(D) flashunit
    that Minolta recommends for it. In the instruction manual, it says
    that a certain light will illuminate on the back when the camera is in
    Red-Eye mode and will not be lit when the camera is in Fill-Flash mode
    (sorry, as I type this, the unit is not with me and I can't recall now
    exactly which light it is). However, for me, no mater which mode I
    have the camera set to, the light does NOT illuminate. Does anyone
    else out there have this combination of equipment? Does this feature
    work correctly for you?

    More General:
    I find that I am having some difficulty making the trasnsition from
    film to digital. A perfect example occurred over this past holiday. We
    were indoors during the evening. The orange light of the setting sun
    was streaming thru the window. It was a beautiful scene. Had I had my
    35mm SLR film camera with me, I'd have known just how to capture the
    image. But try as I might, I couldn't get a good rendering with the
    Dimage 7Hi. It kept trying to "compensate". I tried varying the
    saturation, the ev, the contrast. I eventually got a picture that was
    "ok". I've had the camera of a couple of months now and have run into
    this problem several time. I can't yet reproduce on CCD what I see
    with my eye. Very frustrating! Any sugestions??

    Quiet Voice, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. Quiet Voice

    NJH Guest

    I have the 7Hi and the 3600HS(D) also. The lights lit on the back of the
    flash unit are the same (on, flash ready and zoom setting) on mine whether
    the camera's in red-eye or fill-flash mode. I don't have the manual handy at
    the moment so don't know which light you're referring to. There isn't any
    light associated specifically with red-eye reduction in any obvious way, at

    You might try full manual mode to prevent the camera compensating, though it
    does seem that you've tried adjusting all the things likely to matter. The
    viewfinder of course will compensate anyway to give you the best visible
    image, though not one that necessarily will represent how the shot will turn
    out. You may be up against the fact that CCDs just don't have the long tonal
    scale of film, though of course a print from film is no great shakes in that
    department either. Probably more experimentation will eventually produce
    results for you.

    NJH, Dec 29, 2003
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