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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by ScreenQuest, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Hello ALL its been a while & alot has happened.....

    We are shooting a "no budget" short for Remi Broadway starting on the
    17th with the HD camera we used for Deconstruction. Remi is directing
    & we are currently looking for a soundie so if you know anyone.....

    We have been released development funds to adapt an award winning
    book into a feature film & the project is bloody huge!
    Its the story of a jewish family from 1880 to as yet unsure but min
    1947 & touches on subjects such as the Russian Royal family, World
    War 2 & the Exodus 1947 ship - all historical intrigue.
    The book won the Angel Victory Award at a presentation in Hollywood &
    the lady was approached by several big wigs for the film rights so
    we are sure it will be a winner.
    We will be posting the updates here.
    I am hoping to bring on a co/assoc.producer/s due to the enormity of
    the project would appreciate everyone updating their
    cv/headshots/filmography as well.

    So all you folk who worked for me all those times for nothing but
    a "copy & credit" its payback time & there will be a place for you on
    this project.

    Sarah has been very busy doing "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!"
    & now is in Sydney producing for 9msn so we are proud of her progress
    since Big Brother. You go girl!

    Still have a million scripts to read (get up to 4 a week through AFC
    now too much) so will post them ALL in the scripts folder soon just
    awaiting some of the writers approval(holidays are over now guys

    That will do for now hope everyone had a great holiday season & keep
    in touch
    best wishes
    Mandie & Mike

    ScreenQuest Australia Pty Ltd
    ScreenQuest, Feb 2, 2007
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