Nifty new feature in DPP

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Robert Coe, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Sorry to hear about the health issues, Jerry.

    RAW should certainly improve the dynamic range you can get, and may enable
    those specular highlights to be rendered a little better, and perhaps
    provide slightly better rendering of darker areas.

    Providing you are using the full resolution image and the highest JPEG
    quality setting, I would not expect RAW to be any sharper then JPEG -
    that's perhaps best achieved with a tripod and careful selection of lens
    aperture. I would suggest not below f/11 to avoid diffraction issues and
    not so wide open that the lens itself becomes a major limiting factor. Of
    course, you may also need to stop down if you need to get both something
    near and something more distant in focus, which might drive you to even
    f/16, and accept a slight softening due to diffraction!

    David J Taylor, Mar 6, 2010
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  2. Robert Coe

    Richard Guest

    I'm no expert, but FWIW, I use DPP. I find that it does what I want. If you
    are using Canon lenses there is lens aberration correction which includes;
    Peripheral illumination, Distortion, Chromatic aberration and Color blur.
    Like all software, there is a learning curve. As you have an XSi (my canon
    is a 30d), you may find the ability to shoot tethered a bonus... all depends
    on what you do I guess.
    The new rotation thing is a big plus. As far as I can tell, the results for
    jpegs from DPP are better than Photoshop CS (which is the version I have).
    Oh dear, I suppose I will get a hammering for that.

    Richard, Mar 6, 2010
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