Nikon 18-200mm VR lens waiting times

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Francis Turton, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I ordered a Nikon 18-200mm VR lens from, which
    said it was "normally delivered within 28 days". However the 28 days
    are now up, and I've been reading around about this lens's availability
    and I fear I may have a much longer wait on my hands after all :(

    Has anyone here ordered this lens? It would be nice to know if the
    extra wait is going to be in the order of weeks or months. Thanks.

    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Nov 29, 2006
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  2. 18-200mm? Wow!

    I've nothing useful to add but, 18-200mm! Cor!
    Richard Polhill, Nov 29, 2006
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  3. Francis Turton

    Tony Polson Guest

    Let's get this straight. You ordered a lens online, paid for it and
    it hasn't been delivered after 28 days.

    You should contact the seller and find out why. You are wasting your
    time asking questions here; your problem is with the supplier you
    chose to order from. So contact them.

    Who on earth are "" anyway? Did it not occur to
    you to order from a reputable, well known supplier?

    I hope you get your lens soon, but if not, do reflect on the wisdom of
    saving a few pennies by going to a supplier with an uncertain
    Tony Polson, Nov 29, 2006
  4. Francis Turton

    Peter Parry Guest

    Only if you redefine the unit commonly called the day to be a week
    Mine arrived two months ago after a wait of 6 months. Purdys
    ( were very helpful and arranged the loan of
    another lens for a holiday in the meantime (I had also purchased a
    D200 body from them). They only required a small deposit up front,
    and were quite open and accurate with their guess of how long it
    would take to arrive. Ultimately there isn't a lot more the
    supplier can do if stock isn't there.
    Probably months, but it is worth the wait. If your original supplier
    takes longer than 30 days to deliver you can cancel the contract
    under the Distance Selling Regulations (Sect 19(1), 19(2)and 19(5)).
    Peter Parry, Nov 29, 2006
  5. (a) I haven't paid for it - I don't get charged till it's shipped.
    (b) I don't have a problem with the seller.
    (c) I'm not wasting my time as I've already had one useful answer
    (thanks Peter Parry).

    So don't jump to conclusions. I happen to know this lens is in short
    supply the world over and I wanted some advice on how long I'm
    realistically going to have to wait for it (as opposed to how long the
    retailer tells me I'll have to wait).
    shopping4cameras have a good rating on the online retailer comparison
    sites. I'd never order from a supplier I hadn't done some research on.

    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Nov 29, 2006
  6. Francis Turton

    Geoff Berrow Guest

    According to this,showProductSearchByUserSearch,,0,Nikon+18-200Mm+Vr.html
    it is in stock.
    Geoff Berrow, Nov 29, 2006
  7. Francis Turton

    Tony Polson Guest

    Tony Polson, Nov 29, 2006
  8. Francis Turton

    Geoff Berrow Guest

    Geoff Berrow, Nov 29, 2006
  9. I gather most lenses with such a wide focal range are a bit dodgy but
    the critical consensus on this one seems to be that it's a winner. It
    has its limitations, but I gather the cheaper smaller-range Nokia
    lenses that it replaces aren't brilliant anyway and you're as well
    going with this one (except, clearly, for the fact that you'll go grey
    waiting for it).

    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Nov 29, 2006
  10. Duh. I mean Nikon. (I work in mobile telecomms, and it's late :) )

    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Nov 30, 2006
  11. You know it's amazing the number of times I've typed Nokia when meaning Nikon.
    Richard Polhill, Nov 30, 2006
  12. I suspect that they do not hold any stock at all, in fact I'd put money on it.
    They'll take orders and get the goods delivered directly from their
    wholesalers. Which means that they actually have no idea as to whether it is
    in stock at the time you order, just immediately after when the confirmation
    comes back from the wholesaler's system.

    It is how most cut price internet resellers work, especially in computing. I
    cannot see how photographic equipment will be handled differently.
    Richard Polhill, Nov 30, 2006
  13. Francis Turton

    Tony Polson Guest

    Tony Polson, Nov 30, 2006
  14. That's nice of them. If I knew how long it would take for the 18-200 to
    arrive I'd have gone with a seller that offered a similar service.
    That's more than can be said for shopping4cameras and they will
    definitely be losing a feedback star from me for that.
    Oh well, that's something :)
    While I'm mildly annoyed that s4c clearly knew delivery would be longer
    than 28 days, there doesn't seem much point in cancelling the order
    given that I've already done a month of "time" with them :)

    Thanks for the information!


    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Nov 30, 2006
  15. They're part of Jessops, which, if possibly not reputable, is at least
    well known.
    Roger Whitehead, Dec 2, 2006
  16. Francis Turton

    Tony Polson Guest

    I didn't know they were part of Jessops, but that could explain why
    the service is crap.

    Jessops is the new Dixons. Discuss.

    Tony Polson, Dec 2, 2006
  17. Francis Turton

    Flying Rat Guest

    You can occasionally get a bargain at Dixons (or the DSG group stores in
    general). I've yet to see anything at a decent price in Jessops.

    So on the grounds that DSG has at least one redeeming feature.....I
    think we can safely say that jessops is sub-Dixons nowadays.
    Flying Rat, Dec 3, 2006
  18. Francis Turton

    Tony Polson Guest

    That's very true. :-(
    You're right. Jessops are bad news for the consumer.
    Tony Polson, Dec 3, 2006
  19. Well, I phoned up shopping4cameras the day I posted this, and was told
    it was unlikely they'd be getting another delivery before Christmas.

    Then what should happen that night but I get an email from them saying
    it had been fully dispatched.

    It had been too - unfortunately a day too late for me to take on
    holiday but still: here it is :)

    Disturbed to learn of the Jessops link tho'.

    --- ---
    Francis Turton, Dec 6, 2006
  20. Francis Turton

    Andrew Haley Guest

    It's probably not your supplier's fault: Nikon are having a difficult
    time meeting demand. It's a complex lens with no fewer than three
    aspherical elements, and it is selling extremely well.

    My dealer would not promise any delivery date at all: in the end, I
    had to wait for about 40 days or so.

    Andrew Haley, Dec 11, 2006
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