Nikon 24 month warranty in Australia - for Sept 2007?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ZOT, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. ZOT

    ZOT Guest

    Hi from a new lurker.

    Whilst doing my interminable research online prior to buying a Nikon
    D80 (which I have yet to buy), I happened to see on:
    that the Nikon warranty period has just been changed on that product
    page from 12 months to 24.
    "September 2007 is Double Warranty Month on all Nikon Cameras!"

    Is this 24 month Nikon warranty an Australia-wide sales promotion
    thing or is it something this particular retailer has organised?

    The reason I ask is that there's no mention of it on Nikon Australia's
    own website. Digital Camera Warehouse site indicates that it's a
    genuine Nikon 24 month warranty, (not a 3rd part warranty).

    ZOT, Sep 2, 2007
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  2. ZOT

    Rob Guest

    They have been doing that for some time now with promotions includes lenses.

    At present they have a $200 cash back on the D80 - thats up on the Nikon

    When comparing prices checkout who sell Nikon
    Australian stock usually at very competitive prices.
    Rob, Sep 2, 2007
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  3. ZOT

    D_Mac Guest

    I think you'll find that this is not an official Nikon Australia offer
    but a grey market one. "Grey market" is the description used for
    cameras imported into Australia by someone other than Nikon's own
    approved distributor. The easiest way to find out is phone Nikon 1300
    366 499. They'll tell you if the dealer is authorised by them and if
    the offer is a genuine Nikon Australia offer. There's no mention of it
    on their web site.

    As far as I know, there is nothing different about grey market cameras
    except they sometimes carry different model ID and can't be repaired
    by the Australian distributor. Any parts needed to repair them
    probably come from overseas too. Presuming the cameras needing
    warranty repairs are repaired in Australia and not sent Israel or Hong
    Kong for repair. Many grey imports originate in these countries.

    It all boils down to "who do you trust"?. A 50 year old Nikon importer
    with an impeccable (if a little militant) record or a recent start up
    company with $10 of paid up assets? There are plenty of tales of woe
    about people getting stung with grey imports and cheap goods bought of
    eBay. I can't ever recall anyone have a genuine issue with Maxwell's
    or Nikon Australia.

    Finally... Money isn't everything. You might see good value getting a
    double warranty with what is probably the most reliable DSLR ever to
    come to Australia... I don't! Haggle with an Authorised reseller and
    you might discover the price difference is not all that great.

    D_Mac, Sep 3, 2007
  4. ZOT

    N Guest

    Did you read the page?
    N, Sep 3, 2007
  5. ZOT

    D_Mac Guest

    I did. And did you read what I said?
    There is no statement on Nikon Australia's web site to suggest they
    are sponsoring or providing 24 month's warranty with any of their

    The presumption then, can only be that any warranty being offered by a
    dealer, past the obligatory 1 year from NA, is provided by way of a
    grey market warranty. I.E. "Mack" warranty which is offered by foreign
    insurance of questionable source, to merchants who need to comply with
    Australia's ACCC laws when they sell cameras outside the channel but
    have to do it off-shore because NA (quite legally) refuse to provide
    them with parts.

    I suggested anyone interested in this "too good to be true" offer,
    should call Nikon Australia to confirm it actually is a Nikon
    Australia warranty and if the company was in fact a dealer authorise
    by them. If you are connected to the reseller or the reseller in
    disguise, you'd do well to foster customer confidence by developing a
    policy of "full disclosure" when you offer an incentive to buy from
    you which can't be enforced by consumer laws.

    It seems to me that any Internet "deal" mentioned in a newsgroup is
    highly questionable when the poster has no history other than in
    Italian groups unrelated to cameras. To then discover the amazing
    offer is not a Nikon offer at all, raises more questions about the
    ethics of the dealer than it does about my ability to read the

    Buyer beware. If a dealer can't clearly articulate a deal that has no
    legal enforceability to it, they ought to be looked at with a big
    question mark over their business.

    Australia consumer laws demand a 1 year warranty on all new goods not
    purchased at auction. Anyone offering a 20 year, 2 year or "lifetime"
    warranty cannot be compelled by Fair Trading laws to actually provide
    warranty service past the required one year. The offer is a worthless
    attempt to dupe people into buying a camera from them. Plain and
    simple. Anyone considering buying from them ought to be aware of this.

    D_Mac, Sep 3, 2007
  6. ZOT

    ZOT Guest


    There's no problems about that being a bogus dealer spammy ad with my
    post, I'm just a regular guy who's been following websites and ads for
    this camera for the past few months rapidly trying to bring myself up
    to speed on what's available because the last time I used an SLR was
    over 15 years ago on an ancient fully manual film camera. :)

    Give a little pity for the poor hapless newbie poster (me) because I
    actually had a valid question and would rather ask others about before
    having it sway me into buying from anywhere online.

    But having seen it all from being on the net for years I can certainly
    appreciate Doug's position on how a one-post message from a troll-like
    lurker might appear disingenuous.

    Like I said, the reason I originally asked was because Nikon
    Australia's site didn't mention the extended warranty period as part
    of a current sales promotion and the advertised warranty on that site
    seemed to be very much a complete 24 month Nikon warranty.

    But then again I can remember Nikon Australia having that awful
    spelling mistake on their site all month in the large ad banner for
    the $200 cashback offer for the D40x kits whereby they spelled
    "receive" as "recieve". ;-)
    For a highly visible company I would have throught they'd fix it but
    they never did.

    I know Nikon (and other camera manufacturers) have continuing sales
    promotions throughout the year trying to entice us all but since I
    want to buy a Nikon D80 in any case then it'd be nice if Nikon threw
    $200 back to me afterwards because of this current $200 cashback
    promotion because then I could use that money to get some more gear.

    This week I'm off to visit some local bricks-and-mortar stores here,
    and the pricings & info I've obtained off the net will hopefully help
    me wrangle a better bargain with them, especially as I'm fully aware
    of grey imports and the pitfalls associated with them with regards to
    warranty fulfilments.

    I prefer dealing over the counter with a local bricks-and-mortar store
    especially for a large purchase priced item, but sometimes good deals
    can be done on items on the net. (with caution obviously)

    I had a good laugh about that. ;-)
    I wonder who's that strange Italian guy you found?

    I haven't been posting in any groups for the past couple of months due
    to several reasons (ill health being one), but since I only haunt a
    couple of groups anyway it'd be easy to miss my existance from those
    computer rendered digital art groups where I've been posting for 6+
    years now.

    With DSLR's I'm certainly not interested in any user brand-wars or
    brand/model bias, as I'm much more interested in the final image
    results, techniques to get there, and creative thinking rather than
    anything else.

    Anyway, thanks all for the replies guys.
    When I finally get my equipment then I might feel more inclined to
    have a bit more grounding to post here or elsewhere. ;-)
    ZOT, Sep 3, 2007
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