Nikon 5400 and 5700

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Glebish, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Glebish

    Glebish Guest


    I know it's all very much my own choice, but perhaps someone out there can
    help me with my decision.

    I don't have a digital camera and am contemplating buying one.

    After looking at various specs and such, I'm considering the Nikon CP 5400
    and the CP 5700.
    It's as though my head goes for the 5700, but my heart goes for the 5400.
    In Canada, they're only about C$250 apart in price, so that's not a huge

    I quite like the 28 mm equivalency of the 5400 and the way it feels and its
    For the 5700, positives include its faster ISO equivalent speed, greater
    zoom and larger CCD. However, I find it awkward.

    Can anyone out there give me the benefit of their knowledge/experience. It
    would be much appreciated.

    John Olson
    Glebish, Oct 20, 2003
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  2. For those of you considering a coolpix: Make sure it is REALLY what you're
    looking for.

    I bought a Coolpix 5700 to bring on my vacation this year. The image quality
    is great, but if you're used to shooting with a good SLR you're probably not
    going to feel comfortable with this series (or most other non-SLR digicams
    for that matter).

    My main concern is operating speed. I don't think I can put it any better
    than Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape
    ( He writes:

    "The biggest problem that I have with this camera though relates to
    operating speed. In other words with its reflexes (no pun intended). Turn-on
    time is on par with similar cameras; about 4-5 seconds. For anyone used to
    shooting film this is annoying at best. In situations where one wants to
    shoot quickly the only alternative it to keep the camera powered up, but
    this of course negatively impacts the amount of shooting time one gets from
    a battery charge.

    I intensely dislike the electric zoom control. A rocker switch under ones
    thumb zooms the lens, in the same way as on a vidicam. For someone that¹s
    used to the ability to zoom an SLR lens almost instantly, the lethargic
    speed and lack of precision of this type of control is a major frustration.
    It should be said that the 5700 is no better or worse than other similar
    digicams in this regard ‹ they¹re all equally bad in my opinion.

    The time needed for the camera to achieve autofocus is also much slower than
    SLR users will be used to ‹ typically a full second or more from first
    shutter press to image capture. Even the much-maligned Canon D30 is an
    autofocus speed demon compared to the Coolpix 5700. Manual focus is
    possible, but is a kludge at best. Given that an electronic viewfinder is
    being used, critical manual focus isn¹t something one can easily

    Full review at

    I bought the camera knowing all these things. I thought I could live with
    that. I can't. I have sold the Coolpix 5700 and now I'm waiting for the
    right deal on a digital SLR - f.instance a D100 that operates almost exactly
    like my old trusty F-90x.

    I did manage to get off some 2000 shots with the CP5700 before selling it.
    I'll be posting the best on my website when I get the chance. Like I said:
    nothing wrong with the image quality.

    All the best,

    // Mads
    Mads Pedersen, Oct 20, 2003
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  3. Glebish

    Cooter Guest

    I've owned and used several film SLRs prior to buying a CP5700. As the above
    post states, there are some features about the 5700 that don't stack up well
    against the SLRs, but considering the other features of the 5700 I'm happy
    with it and would not likely go back to a film SLR. The 8x zoom lens is
    probably my favorite feature and image quality from a Nikon is pretty much a
    given. I'm also impressed with the accuracy of the metering and white
    balance. I've looked at the 5400 and agree it has a few advantages, mainly
    the 28mm lens, but overall I think the 5700 is the better overall camera.
    Cooter, Oct 20, 2003
  4. Glebish

    West Guest

    I agree with all the above. If you think you'll use the presettings such as
    action, portrait, fireworks, museum, night, etc. then you should look more
    at the 5400 because the 5700 doesn't have any. Also, battery consumption on
    both is significant compared to other cameras. Go ahead and buy an extra in
    the beginning - you'll need it!!

    West, Oct 20, 2003
  5. Glebish

    Ed Ruf Guest

    It really depends upon which side of the focal length range you mainly live
    on. With the WC-80 the 5700 gets down to 28mm equiv. Granted it's not the
    same and the WC is one large hunk of glass to carry around, but it may be
    an option to consider if only needed from time to time. For me the MB-E5700
    battery grip makes a large difference in the feel of the camera, FWIW,
    besides the obvious advantage of being able to use AA's and the additional
    capacity they can provide.
    Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 ()
    See images taken with my CP-990 and 5700 at
    Ed Ruf, Oct 20, 2003
  6. Glebish

    astroflyer Guest

    If you can find someone who has one, or check it out in a photos shop,
    the optional battery grip totally changes the weight and feel of this
    camera...the best accessory I've bought for mine.

    with six 1800 NIMH batteries I get tons of battery life. I walk my
    dog daily for about an hour. the camera is on the whole time with a 5
    minute sleep setting. That rarely gets used as I shoot a lot. It
    takes four separate one hour walks to kill the battery pack. amazing
    battery life.

    Papa Sharptooth

    Bouncing about the living room, my three year old grandson declares
    he's "a kangaroo".
    "If you're a Kangaroo, what is Grampie", I ask.
    His reply:  "you a dinosaur"
    astroflyer, Oct 20, 2003
  7. Glebish

    astroflyer Guest

    or better yet, buy the optional battery grip. 6 double a sized NIMH
    cells and it lasts and lasts and lasts..

    also the grip makes the camera heavier and feel much more like an SLR.
    A highly recommended option.

    I have the 5700 and it does focus slowly, too slowly a lot of the
    time. Not great for action shots. However it's pretty much the same
    as most others out there. If I could afford a digital SLR I'd have
    bought one.

    image quality is great though.

    Papa Sharptooth

    Bouncing about the living room, my three year old grandson declares
    he's "a kangaroo".
    "If you're a Kangaroo, what is Grampie", I ask.
    His reply:  "you a dinosaur"
    astroflyer, Oct 20, 2003
  8. Glebish

    SDuford Guest

    I went through the same thought process and end-up buying the 5400 and I'm
    very happy with it. I chose it mainly because of the smaller size, the 28 mm
    wide zoom (which I use all the time), and the way it felt in my hands.

    So far the only drawback has been the lack of an AF-Assist lamp. I can't
    imagine what Nikon was thinking, but so far I havent's missed it much. I
    find that battery life is more than adequate for a full day of shooting, but
    I do carry a spare battery anyway.

    Some of it's niftiest features are the panorama assist, great macro
    capability (1cm!), high-speed multishot modes (especially the one with the
    last 5 shots buffer) and the time-lapse movie mode.

    It is an amazingly capable camera for its size.

    SDuford, Oct 21, 2003
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